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Invest in Africa

Not-for-profit organization Invest in Africa (IIA) works across a number of markets in Africa to support local businesses working towards participation in the opportunities that industry can bring local economies.

bp works with Invest in Africa (IIA) in Mauritania as a part of our ongoing commitment to GTA phase 1 local content.

To help local businesses feel supported every step of the way, IIA’s local, in-country teams work with bp by providing: 

  • Support to access bp GTA information – ensuring that procurement practices and local businesses are well informed about industry fundamentals, including minimum standards, project lifecycles and more
  • Support in skills development - supporting local businesses in their understanding of the standards, certification and business skills that bp and industry looks for when doing business

Invest in Africa Mauritania started in December 2019.

For more information on IIA and how local businesses can be involved in their work, please see investinafrica.com.