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  5. Ini bisa jadi resolusi awal tahun kamu untuk berkendara lebih pintar dan hemat BBM!

Ini bisa jadi resolusi awal tahun kamu untuk berkendara lebih pintar dan hemat BBM!

This could be your New Year's resolution: to drive smart for saving fuel!

Happy new year 2023! What are your resolutions for the new year? Even though there may be resolutions from last year that have not been realized, there is nothing wrong with trying to make things better in 2023.


The same goes for taking care of your favorite vehicle, there are some important things that need to be changed in the way you maintain and drive to maintain good engine performance and sparing your fuel.


First, avoid aggressive driving or speeding, as this can endanger yourself and others. In addition, this habit can also make fuel consumption more wasteful than it should be. To maximize your fuel usage, try bp Ultimate from bp, formulated with ACTIVE technology to optimize engine performance and help clean dirt from vital engine components and provide protection preventing dirt from building up again!


Secondly, you need to maintain the tire pressure because if your vehicle's tire pressure is low or less, the engine’s load to move the vehicle is greater and they’ll use more fuel.


And third, you should turn off the engine when the vehicle is stopped for a long time, for example, over 1 hour. Even though the vehicle is not moving, the engine will still drain your fuel.


Well, some of the methods above can be used as your new year’s resolution to become a smarter driver. Don’t forget to always refuel your gasoline with bp’s best fuel, bp Ultimate with ACTIVE Technology!