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bp introduces new on-demand convenience delivery service, BP2you

11 november 2019

New app allows customers to have goods delivered to their door within 30 minutes.

BP has launched its first pilot of a local on-demand delivery service in the Netherlands. BP2you will begin with a six-month trial in Utrecht allowing customers to order a range of food and drinks for delivery to a chosen location from their local BP retail site. As the trial expands, customers will also be able to opt for a service consolidating their parcel orders at BP retail sites and delivered to their preferred address at a more convenient time.

BP will initially serve customers from its Galgenwaard retail site in Utrecht. By using the new BP2you app, customers can select products, choose where they’d like them delivered (within a range of four and a half kilometres of the retail site), and pay for their order. Their products will then arrive – via bike – within a 30-minute window.

The trial started on 4 November and the BP2you app is now available via Google Play and the Apple App store.

Tapping into the millennial mindset and food ordering behavior, Utrecht is an ideal location for the BP pilot as the city has a high level of target customers, including students and young professionals. Utrecht is also a very flat and compact city making it ideal for bike deliveries.

BP Advanced Mobility

The BP2you pilot supports BP Advanced Mobility’s ambition to find better ways of moving people and the things they need.

Ruben Beens, CEO BP Netherlands said: “We recognize the changing habits of consumers, who are demanding more convenience to suit their busy lives. BP2you is a logical next step for us in our convenience offer, making the most of our existing retail stores and infrastructure to provide customers with what they want, where and when they want it.”

If successful, BP will look to widen the service and rollout BP2you across the Netherlands, followed by other European countries.


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About BP Advanced Mobility

BP Advanced Mobility has been set up to build material, sustainable businesses for BP’s Downstream business in a low carbon, digitally-enabled future. Responding to new and disruptive trends in mobility, including electrification of transport, autonomous vehicles and changing ownership patterns, the team looks for options beyond the Downstream’s core businesses and explores ways that BP can leverage its assets, capabilities and brands through new partnerships and business models