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About BP Europa SE

BP Europa SE is the European Public Limited Company of the bp Group.


BP/Aral/Castrol Logo
It was founded on 30 April 2010 by merging the bp country organisations in Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria and Poland together with the Deutsche BP AG. In April 2011, bp (Switzerland) AG has been integrated into the SE. It is not set up in the shape of a holding structure but as one company operating in seven different countries. In each country business is run by a branch in the country itself. The company’s registered office is located in Hamburg, the administrative head office is based in Bochum.
The foundation of BP Europa SE will lead to a distinct simplification of legal structures, Corporate Governance activities and also of internal finance and tax processes.

BP Europa SE – some figures (2023)

Fuels & Lubricants volumes about 31,7m tons
Number of fuel stations about 3,500
Lingen, Gelsenkirchen
Brands bp, Aral, Castrol

What is a Societas Europaea (SE)?

Societas Europaea (SE) is the Latin term for 'European Company'. Thus an SE is a public limited company under European Law.


The legal form of the SE was established by the European Union in October 2001 and introduced in all EU member states as part of European Community Law in October 2004. It allows companies to operate in a unified legal form across national boundaries in the EU and thus simplifies the company’s Corporate Governance as well merging organisations from different countries. The foundation of an SE is regulated by the so-called SE order. National company laws of the countries concerned apply.


More detailed information is available from the European Commission’s website: