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The countries

The seven countries represented by BP Europa SE

bp in Austria is one of the country’s leading suppliers of fuels and lubricants. At more than 250 branded fuel stations bp serves about 120,000 customers per day. The company also markets heating oil and jet fuel.

BP Europa SE branch in Belgium supplies a portfolio of high-quality lubricants and specialities to manufacturing, agriculture, inland shipping, garage and transport sector, workshops and consumers. Brands are bp and Castrol.


bp has a facility in Belgium for the production of lubricants in Ghent. bp Marine supplies fuels and lubricants to numerous shipping companies in amongst others, the ports of Antwerp and Zeebrugge.

Germany is one of bp’s most important markets in Europe. The bp group operates Europe’s second largest refinery system in Germany. bp’s subsidiary Aral is the number one in the Germany fuels market with its 2400 fuel stations while Castrol is the market leader in the lubricants business. Around 4600 people work at bp in Germany.

Air bp is one of the world's largest suppliers of aviation fuel products and services with operations at more than 800 locations in around 50 countries.


In Hungary Air bp provides aviation fuelling services at Budapest International Ferenc Liszt airport.

bp Netherlands is active in the field of Refining & Marketing. The employees of bp Netherlands are involved in refining, distribution and marketing of fuels and lubricants. They serve customers in almost every sector, from road user (350 fuel stations), to large industrial organizations, agriculture, shipping industry and aviation.
Although bp only started operating in Poland in 1991, it soon became the largest foreign oil company here. Its main business activities cover the distribution of fuels, lubricants and also LPG. With almost 500 service stations, bp in Poland is among the top 15 companies in the country.
We are among the pioneers who have made mobility possible for thousands of Swiss people. Whether on land, on water or in the air - our name stands for mobility. bp (Switzerland) is a branch of BP Europa SE based in Hamburg and part of the global company. The Swiss know bp mainly from the petrol stations operated by our licence partner Oel-Pool.