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The management of BP Europa SE

BP Europa SE features a two-tier structure consisting of a Management Board and a Supervisory Board.

Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board of BP Europa SE comprises 12 members, 6 shareholder representatives and 6 employee representatives. The seats of the employee representatives per country were allocated based on their respective number of BP Europa SE employees.

Shareholder representatives:

  • Peter Mather, Chairman
  • Eva Bishop
  • Guy Moeyens
  • Helmut Schuster
  • Mandhir Singh
  • Kate Thomson

Employee representatives:

  • Detlef Gajewski, Vice Chairman
  • Kai-Uwe Brand
  • Hilde Van Look
  • Detlef Lüke
  • Przemyslaw Vogel
  • Sabine de Vries