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Successful and growing businesses underpin our presence in Switzerland
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Castrol Edge lubricant being poured from the bottle into a silver container

What we do

bp can look back on a long and proud history in Switzerland. We are among the pioneers who have made mobility possible for thousands of Swiss people. Whether on land, on water or in the air - our name stands for mobility. 


bp (Switzerland) is a branch of BP Europa SE based in Hamburg and part of the global company. The Swiss know bp mainly from the petrol stations operated by our licence partner volenergy.


Under the Castrol brand, bp distributes a wide range of engine oils, transmission oils and special products for the automotive, two-wheeler and commercial vehicle sectors as well as for the marine and aviation industries in Switzerland. Castrol is known as an international lubricant specialist with a worldwide reputation. 


Air bp is also active in the aviation business in Switzerland and is represented at all major airports with its aviation fuels.  


Our employees and partners

We employ people in a diverse and inclusive environment where everyone has an equal opportunity to contribute and bring innovative ideas to support and develop their work.


Community investment

bp is always committed to support the whole society. In Switzerland, we also do our bit to help non-profit companies, for example.


During the Corona pandemic in 2020, we made a monetary donation of 20,000 Swiss francs to the umbrella organisation Spitex Schweiz and granted the organisation discounts on all our fuels. Especially during the pandemic, the home care of people by the non-profit organisation Spitex has been essential for survival. 


Human rights and environmental protection

Our statement in relation to human rights and environmental proection (in German) is available on the BP Europe SE website.

Please use the contact details below to call or email us at bp in Switzerland. We aim to deal with enquiries as quickly as possible.

BP Europa SE


Zweigniederlassung BP (Switzerland)

6340 Baar, Neuhofstrasse 12


Phone: +41 (0)58 456 9111

Email: info@bpCustomerService.ch