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Biofuels have an important role to play in decarbonizing hard-to-electrify sectors such as aviation, shipping and heavy road transport. T&S brings world class expertise and resources to help bp secure the renewable feedstocks, which will be essential for our plans to increase biofuel production to 100,000bpd by 2030. 
bp Biofuels Brazil

Biofuels will help to support bp’s plans to deliver sustainable aviation fuel and renewable diesel (HVO) to customers, helping to decarbonize transport. We also see huge potential for biofuels in the marine industry. By turning sustainable biomass feedstocks into biofuels and blending this with traditional marine fuels,  we can help reduce lifecycle carbon emissions in this sector.

Biofuels can be made from a range of different feedstocks – from organic waste to sustainably grown energy crops. These vary in availability and cost, as well as in the maturity of the technology needed to produce them at scale. 

We’re confident that biofuels can be sustainable, but not all are made equal – for instance, sustainable biofuel production must consider impacts on land use, food production and sensitive environments. We work with governments, NGOs, certification schemes and other businesses to help improve the sustainability of the biofuel supply chain. We support policies that incentivize and support investment in sustainable bioenergy.

We believe bioenergy production can be increased globally to meet rising demand using only non-food feedstocks, such as agricultural residues and cover crops like carinata.