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Sustainable aviation fuel

What is sustainable aviation fuel (SAF)?
One way to make a material reduction in carbon emissions over the lifecycle of the fuel is to use sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) in place of traditional jet. SAF typically provides up to 80 per cent lifecycle carbon emissions savings compared to the conventional jet fuel it replaces.

Sustainable aviation fuel – key facts

Sustainable aviation fuel - key facts

How is sustainable aviation fuel made?

From waste to wingtip - the production journey for sustainable aviation fuel (SAF)

The role of co-processing in aviation’s transition to a lower-carbon future


Air bp believes that producing SAF through co-processing at existing refineries will help the aviation sector as it transitions to a lower-carbon industry and builds dedicated standalone units for SAF production.
The role of co-processing
Air bp sustainable aviation fuel vehicle next to small jet aircraft

Want to find out more about sustainable aviation fuel?

Sustainable aviation fuel – what is it and why is it important?


Andreea Moyes, Air bp’s global aviation sustainability director, gives the low down on sustainable aviation fuel. 
Andreea Moyes, Air bp’s global aviation sustainability director

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