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Aviation gasoline (Avgas)

Our high-quality Avgas is manufactured to strict specifications. It is designed to deliver safe and reliable operation in spark ignition aviation piston engines


Our focus on aviation safety means we only provide dedicated aviation fuel and not motor gasoline (MoGas) which is designed for ground vehicles. MoGas is not an approved Air bp product for flight use. 

GA planes at Adelaide airport

How is Avgas produced?


Most  certified spark ignition piston engine aircraft are designed to operate solely on Avgas.


  1. Raw refinery gasoline streams undergo specialist processes to produce the necessary high-octane components for this highly-refined narrow-cut aviation fuel.
  2. The octane enhancement additive TEL-B is used if required by the specification.
  3. A coloured dye is used to differentiate Avgas grades from regular gasoline and other aviation fuels.
  4. Antioxidant is added to give excellent storage stability for long term use. 
How is Avgas produced chart

How is Avgas produced?

100LL, UL91 and Mogas technical comparison chart

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