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Unleaded Avgas grade UL91

UL91 is suitable for around 55% of planes and is available at specific airports in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and France
Rear view of aeroplane

Compared to Mogas, it has an assured energy content with no alcohols or ethers which may reduce aircraft range. 


It has a fixed volatility range and is designed to work year-round without seasonal variations. It is better for your aircraft as it contains no ethanol which can damage aircraft fuel system components.


We are working with the aviation industry on an unleaded Avgas to replace the most popular 100LL grade. We will continue to supply Avgas 100LL until a suitable alternative is found. 


To prevent misfuelling, UL91 is usually supplied through self-serve machines that require a specific Air BP UL91 Sterling card. 


Check 'Where to find Air bp' map for the latest information on locations that supply UL91.

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BP 100LL, UL91 and Mogas technical comparison chart

100LL, UL91 and Mogas technical comparison chart

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