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About us

We’re fuel specialists, engineers, technicians, operational specialists, risk managers, and sustainable fuel experts. But we’re also one of the world’s largest aviation suppliers. We’ve been innovating and shaping the aviation industry for more than 90 years
Air bp operator fuelling aircraft underwing

6.6 billion gallons of aviation fuel a year. Fuelling 6,000 flights a day. We have a network of over 700 locations. In more than 55 countries. That’s around four planes a minute. 


We connect the world. From the remotest mine sites to the world’s busiest business and holiday destinations. We supply aviation fuel for those flights that matter. From connecting businesses, to bringing families together. From airlifting patients to hospitals to bringing bands to their fans. 


Our many customers include commercial airlines, aircraft and helicopter operators, business jet operators, private pilots, the military, as well as aviation authorities, into plane operators, general aviation airfield and FBOs and national oil companies. They all rely on us when it comes to fuelling planes for flights that keep people flying safely around the world.


In the next 20 years global passenger traffic is set to double yet there is increased pressure for lower greenhouse gas emissions.  With a passion for safe, reliable and efficient operations, we support the shift towards lower carbon sources