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Airport digital solutions

Transform the refuelling process with Air bp’s safe2go fuel data platform.

Today, manual processes during the refuelling process present numerous obstacles in successfully refuelling an aircraft with the optimal amount of fuel and in a minimum amount of time. Each step along this manual, paper-based route opens the door for delays or inefficiencies.


Air bp’s safe2go fuel data platform provides safe, modular, real time, scalable technology consisting of several integrated digital solutions offering efficiencies to the refuelling process, both on the ground and back office. 

Safe2go+ animation with english subtitles

What does Air bp’s safe2go fuel data platform consist of? 

safe2go fuelling

Award winning, patented misfuel prevention technology to help significantly reduce the risk of into-plane misfuelling. Paperless system with offline mode, automated trade sanction (ITR) and stop credit checks. 


safe2go + flight data integration

Enables optimised fuel load and real-time data exchange from preliminary fuel order to final fuel summary without your pilot needing to leave the cockpit. 


safe2go portal

Online access to the data hub for your new transactions, viewing and making alterations and accessing all operational reporting data. 


safe2go analytics

Fully automated data platform providing analytics to improve your strategic marketing, operational performance insights and assurance.


safe2go stocks

Comprehensive fuel management system to streamline your stock control. Caters for all fuel grades, including diesel and sustainable aviation fuel.


safe2go planner

Provides real-time flight and airport gate data, enabling optimal dispatch decisions that can save time and increase efficiency. 


For more information on Air bp’s safe2go fuel data platform please contact: safe2go@bp.com