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Price risk management

Manage your costs with price risk management

Managing your exposure to the price of fuel requires an in-depth knowledge of the complexities of the physical and financial markets, an understanding of the available tools in addition to access to the right, real time, information. 

As well as standard paper financial risk management we are able to combine our extensive trading skills with our primary and secondary distribution logistics to provide you with simple and competitive risk management solutions as part of your physical fuel supply. 


  • Fixed Price physical supply: You will be able to lock the price you pay for fuel at a location for a period of time. This will remove or reduce the uncertainty of your future costs - in a way that is simple, with a single invoice from us and without the need of complicated hedge accounting. 
  • Capped Price physical supply: If you prefer, you can agree the maximum price you will pay for fuel for a specified volume, period and location. This will allow you to participate in lower prices if the market falls. You just pay a “cap premium” to protect yourself against rising prices.