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Our customers

With more than 90 years in the industry, when you buy from us you can be assured of the quality of our products. We strive to delight customers with a service that keeps them returning day after day


Our reputation for technical services means we can advise on equipment to ensure your facilities are compliant, efficient and easy to operate and maintain. We also advise on operational and product quality requirements and have significant global experience in designing and installing the appropriate equipment for our airport customer needs. Our global footprint means we specialise in local language capability from regional offices.

Pilot handing Sterling card to operator
Our on-airfield staff operate to the highest re-fuelling standards. They are trained using our ever-evolving training system with the focus on safe and efficient aircraft refuelling, minimising the risk of damage to your aircraft or delay to you or your customers. 

Commercial airlines

Our extensive supply network means you have fuel where you need it, when you need it. Our highly trained and dedicated staff safely refuel more than two million aircraft annually at more than 170 airports around the world.

We provide fuel at 700 locations globally, all regularly audited to ensure they operate at or above global standards.

We offer advice on alternative fuels. We arrange the sourcing, blending, certification and transportation of biofuels and advise on regulatory and commercial aspects too. 

The cost of fuel is a major factor for all airlines. Our price risk management products help to give you more budgetary certainty. 

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Business jet operators

Our Sterling card programme offers efficient refuelling, convenience and dedicated support. And if you manage your own refuelling at certain locations, it’s not a problem. We can help there too through our bulk offer.

Our dedicated general aviation refuelling staff at many of our locations provide an efficient and safe service.


We know that you often require quick turnarounds with your destinations known at relatively short notice. Many of our larger or busier locations have a dedicated GA refuelling service, separate from our commercial airline operations, to ensure your needs are met.

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Aircraft and helicopter operators

We offer two options:

  1. We can support your own refuelling operations through a combination of operations and product quality advice, wide ranging technical expertise and business support.
  2. If you need to access fuel across our network, our Sterling card offers efficient refuelling, convenience and dedicated support.

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JV operators

We know the challenges you face operating an into-plane refuelling business. We understand the demands and time pressures involved and what success looks like for you. We manage over 200 refuelling operations globally, making all of our policies, standards and procedures available to help JVs with their management systems.


Our technical services help address your operational, safety, training, product quality, facility integrity management, procedural or management concerns – helping you run a safer, more efficient and reliable operation.


Through dedicated technical services account holders we offer:

  • inspections, audits and reviews identifying gaps, developing action plans and benchmarking against industry and our own policies, standards and procedures.
  • full suite of our wide-ranging policies, standards and procedures.
  • training material covering over 150 operational, maintenance and product quality tasks, HSSE, risk assessment, product quality online, driver training, train the trainer, human performance and leadership skills.


Our engineering and design expertise includes terminals, pipelines, depots, hydrants, vehicles and into-plane equipment. We have a team of civil, chemical, electrical & instrumentation and mechanical engineers all supported by our CAD engineers and design office.

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Airport authorities

We are a one-stop-shop for your fuel needs, bringing our industry-leading expertise into your airport, promoting your business and managing your risk.


We design, build and operate aviation fuel infrastructure, have extensive supply capability and a world-renowned international jet fuel marketing organisation. 


Our operations inspection conducted against our Airport Depot and Into-plane checklist comes with a detailed and confidential report, including recommendations. We can also provide an operatorship service for your fuel facility.


Air bp technical services customers have access to a wide range of regularly updated policies, standards and procedures via our customer portal.


We offer training covering over 150 operational, maintenance and product quality tasks, HSSE, risk assessment, product quality online, driver training, train the trainer, human performance and leadership skills.

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Private pilots

Our Sterling card programme offers efficient refuelling, convenience and dedicated support. 


A number of our locations have easy to use self-serve machines giving you access to fuel when you need it.


Full instructions are provided at the self-serve location to ensure you fully understand how to refuel safely. All you need to hand is your Sterling card. Our 'Where to find Air bp' tool includes details of where Avgas, UL91 or Jet self-serve facilities are available.

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GAs and FBOs

We offer a range of General aviation (GA) airfields and Fixed base operators (FBOs) options depending on your specific needs, size and location.

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Air bp operated

Minimising and managing the risk of refuelling operations is one of our core strengths. You can rely on our knowledge as industry leaders to ensure a high-quality operation.


We are committed to providing a safe and efficient refuelling service and have tested procedures in place to minimise risks such as aircraft damage or misfuelling by using our proprietary misfuel prevention technology.

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Air bp supplied

Comprehensive auditing and management of our supply chain ensures that you consistently receive the highest quality fuel delivered to your site safely and efficiently.


When it comes to security of supply, our extensive supply network leaves us well placed to deal with unpredictable demands or unexpected supply disruptions. Ensuring you have the fuel when you need it.


We can, in certain instances, finance expansion, upgrades or improvements to your fuelling facilities. Many bulk customers benefit from our Operations and Maintenance Essentials for General Aviation (OMEGA) technical services package.

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The Military

When it comes to supplying military organisations, we have the agility, presence and people across the globe to meet your needs. We are experts in setting up new supply chains for remote surge and humanitarian requirements.


Our bespoke services, founded on over 90 years’ industry experience, enable us to create technical solutions based on your needs at every stage of handling, storing, transporting and into-plane activities. We recognise military organisations have the same fuel management activity set as oil companies, we make all of our policies, standards and procedures available to help military organisations manage their fuel storage and operations.

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National oil companies

When it comes to working with national oil companies we have the global presence, commercial understanding and technical expertise to meet your needs.


We are involved in around 140 joint ventures worldwide, working with national oil companies, airport authorities, airlines and other third parties.


With our globally recognised and respected brand and deep understanding of key market sectors, we’ll bring our industry-leading expertise to your operations; promoting and supporting your business to manage its risk.


We have extensive supply capability, with representation at around 700 airports in over 55 countries globally, a world-renowned international fuel sales and marketing organisation and extensive experience in the design, building and operation of aviation fuel infrastructure.

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