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Retail network

BP has an extensive nation-wide presence. To locate a store near you, choose from a detailed list of outlets that stock the range of BP lubricants.


Abu Halifa
Messrs. Abdullah Fadhel Al Dosary 50317241
Messrs. Al Bisher Car Repair And Puncture 99553794
Messrs. Jawharat Al Tawen 3 94091212
Messrs. Sahel Abu Halifa 99519781
Messrs. Vinos 23714511
Messrs. Wardat Albasam 99673708
Adan & AlQusoor
Al Adan & Al Qusoor Co-op Society 25422784
Messrs. Anwar Siraj 23981613
Messrs. Khalidi Muradi 23980116
Messrs. Sharq Al Ahmadi Car Wash 97631047
Al Ardiya
Messrs. Al Ardiya Services for Car Electric & Puncture. 65886742
Al Fintas
Messrs. Jawharat Altaawon (6) 55603028
Al Mahbola
Messrs. Al Imperator Al Fiddi Electric & Puncture Shop 55122157
Messrs. Al Mafak Al Buronze 66381114
Messrs. Jawharat Al Tawen-4 66708977
Al Rai
Messrs. Al Baqusame Car Wash 99553794
Messrs. Al Neiem Al Zahabiya 55552457
Al Ragi
Messrs. Four Hundred Car Repair & Puncture 55353166
Messrs. Jabal Al Nour Car Electrical And Puncture 50073033
Al Sharq
Messrs. Al Baqusame Car Wash 99553794
Messrs. Al Neiem Al Zahabiya 55552457
Al Zeer Repair Cars 94410580
Messrs. Abo Hayan Alsheredah For Car Repair & Puncture 51536536
Messrs. Zahra Alshaab Puncture & Car Repair 66275627
Al Ardiah Co-op 24803616
Messrs. Bayan Coop Private Al Fani Alawal Car Repair And Puncture 50881801
Benied Al Gar
Messrs. Markas Dana 99350142
Messrs. Abu Noor Electrician 99213363
Messrs. Al Habdan-Abdul Raheem Electrician 99312710
Messrs. Al Waseelat National Spare Parts 55216552
Messrs. Al-Ezhak Shop 97667281
Messrs. Badie Auto Parts 23914208
Messrs. Golden Relax Trading Spare Parts 50433359
Messrs. Habdan Spare Parts 99732496
Messrs. Hamod Al Otaibi Electrical & Puncture Shop 66050445
Messrs. Higeelan 66164557
Messrs. Homoud Aotabi 99203709
Messrs. Mansour Auto Electrician 97661938
Messrs. Mr. Nazir(Irani) 23980116
Messrs. Mr. Prashanth 99562876
Messrs. New Energy General Trading Company 67697752
Messrs. Sea & Sky General Trading 99829500
Messrs. Shabeeb Ajmi 99413309
Messrs. Shatea Al Fahaheel Car Wash 23912710
Messrs. Souk Al Sabah Puncture & Car Repair 50592792
Messrs. Strong Lube Center 23911616
Messrs. Dosari (Abd Allah Fadel Dosary) 65522003
Messrs. Loloat Al Sham 66765548
Messrs. Al Ased Al Abied 97691993
Messrs. Al Europe Alalami Car Repair 66640766
Messrs. Al Faten 97719540
Messrs. Al Hoda Alduwaliah 66868493
Messrs. Al Mahabah Wasaalm 24761751
Messrs. Al Mayaas 99445081
Messrs. Al Shat 24735454
Messrs. Al Shat Puncture Shop 69070005
Messrs. Al Wakala Al Dawliah 99303392
Messrs. Alghanima Car Repair Puncture Shop 96627709
Messrs. Aman Acaroos 66193015
Messrs. Anwar Horan ( Atlanta) 99894818
Messrs. Asrar Al Khaleej 66526874
Messrs. Basher Al Kuwait 66932945
Messrs. Dar Al Yakeen 97908314
Messrs. Janoob Farwaniah 66776437
Messrs. Khalid Ziban 24732501
Messrs. Kuwait Alez 99746597
Messrs. Najmat Al Omariah 97908314
Messrs. Rawea Al Dedrah 66402735
Messrs. Sanabel Service 66066308
Messrs. Shames Al Farwaniya 99550846
Messrs. Shoruq Al Dera Puncture Shop 99206299
Messrs. Soor Al China Est 99773473
Messrs. Tiyour Al Farwaniya 55777283
Messrs. Wahat Alhanaa 97599787
Messrs. Wardat Al Farwaniah 66439689
Messrs. Wardat Al Jizah 97309737
Messrs. Zahrat Al Omariah 66745178
Messrs. Al Dahala Trading Company ( Hadiya Coop Private) 55428235
Messrs. Hadiya Coop Private Mohammed Al Homaidi Puncture Shop 50881801
 Al Ayadi Al Baidhaa Est. Puncture & Car Repair 99922452
Messrs. Abodi Alshater Car Service 66408121
Messrs. Abraj Al Rega 97874162
Messrs. Abraj Hawally 99025147
Messrs. Al Bustan 22612175
Messrs. Al Daeen 66635636
Messrs. Al Fada 66230245
Messrs. Al Marg Al Asfar 66850111
Messrs. Al Muhaleb 55364147
Messrs. Al Nabigah 99027719
Messrs. Al Safer Al Dawly 99450375
Messrs. Al Shamaly International Puncture Shop 99850790
Messrs. Al Shemaley 99179817
Messrs. Al Shumuwa 99071884
Messrs. Al Soor Al Khams 90060086
Messrs. Al Yousr Al  Alamiah Puncture Shop 51744852
Messrs. Aldeka Wa Aletqan Puncture Shop 50602663
Messrs. Almohafathah 99061145
Messrs. Aloroby Alalamy Puncture & Car Repair 51166244
Messrs. Amg General Trading Company 50881801
Messrs. Anwar Al Khaleej Puncture Shop 55777669
Messrs. Ashraf Alamiah 66657041
Messrs. Aswar Al Dirah 55226451
Messrs. Burgan Co For General Trading Car Repair & Punctur 65558055
Messrs. Burhan Al Kuwait 22662312
Messrs. California 99531990
Messrs. Fursan Hawaly 22665643
Messrs. Jawharat Al Tawan (1) 50960050
Messrs. Jawhoret Al Khaleej Car Repair And Puncture Shop 22663921
Messrs. Jud Al Kuwait Puncture Shop 50882430
Messrs. Keefan Al Kuwait 22645734
Messrs. Loluat Hawally 55203360
Messrs. Markaz Al Shemoh 99071884
Messrs. Moftah Wezit 99936664
Messrs. Morjan Hawally 50233535
Messrs. Naher Al Hadi 66086280
Messrs. Naser Rashidi-No -1 22645701
Messrs. Salah Wemshe Puncture Repair 99922452
Messrs. Sayed Mutairi 97314114
Messrs. Shagrat Al Arz Electrical & Puncture Shop 66850114
Messrs. Shamaly Alamiya 50566040
Messrs. Tariq Alsalama Car Repair And Puncture 51744852
Messrs. United Alnajm Alfadi Spare Parts & Puncture Shop 50510280
Messrs. Wardet Hawally 99902400
Al Jabriah Co-op 22251396
Messrs. Q8 For Car Repair Co 51212051
Almadi Alhadi Car Repair 96611535
Messrs. 59 97807209
Messrs. Al Basel 66170184
Messrs. Al Ikhlas 66722349
Messrs. Al Khabeer Al Ahli 97560479
Messrs. Al Nassem Coops (private) Ayun Shop 99724955
Messrs. Al Nassem Coops (private) Muroor Jahara
Messrs. Al Saayi Puncture Shop 60760168
Messrs. Al Samah 99266521
Messrs. Alsad Alali 99213192
Messrs. Anwar Al Ofok 55122257
Messrs. Eid Duwaliah 2 99551793
Messrs. Fajar Al Waha 66843311
Messrs. Garage Al Samah 66286700
Messrs. Ibrahim Alqahtani 97143473
Messrs. Khalid Fisal 60068491
Messrs. Nasim Al Jahra 99132963
Messrs. Nawaf Al Naher Parts 24575800
Messrs. Nawaf Alnaher Brake & Mechanical Repairs 99511649
Messrs. Proceeding Construction Group 97748066
Messrs. Souk Haraffi 24589969
Messrs. Warathat Al Danah 99191260
Messrs. Wardat Alsoltan 99490926
Janoub Azura
Messrs. Janoub Al Zura 66119905
Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh
Messrs. Al Marami 99094934
Messrs. Al Salmi Parts 55140024
Messrs. Golden Giza Alzahbia Car Repair & Puncture 99130193
Messrs. Wahat AlJumhoor Spare Parts Co. (Eid Al Shamary(1)) 24334014
Messrs. Wardat Al Raaed 99476363
Golden Electricity Of Cars Repair 55216750
Messrs. Afrah Horan 99238874
Messrs. Al Adalh 24710376
Messrs. Al Aidi 97946802
Messrs. Al Fani Al Europ Puncture Shop 65562263
Messrs. Al Fanni Al Sariya 65094888
Messrs. Al –husaini Pun 99298751
Messrs. Al Nowar Shop For Car Service And Puncture 97598818
Messrs. Al Sabah Alsafi Est 56576141
Messrs. Al Sanabel Services 50966588
Messrs. Bansar Al Rigga 65975000
Messrs. Bawbet Alkhair Puncture Shop 99888931
Messrs. Khaleeji Fourteen 97362958
Messrs. Lolo Al-Subiya 99238133
Messrs. Rannan 99540789
Messrs. Road Star Car Repair Puncture 55448833
Messrs. Suliam Masri 97807334
Messrs.Najoom Baris 67603055
Al Khalidya Co-op 60067479
Messrs. Hamed Al Shaty 97773201
Messrs. Lorans International 99593078
Messrs.White Roket Spare Parts 24762904
 Al Likaa 51272227
Messrs. Al Zamil Shop (Salim Mahboula) 66771612
Messrs. Fanie Al Mahboula Puncture Shop 97324228
Messrs. Garage Bin Jabal For Car Repair 62378911
Messrs. Geeser Al Mahboula 66683555
Messrs. Jawahar Al Baher Puncture Shop 50619222
Messrs. Reboa Al Adan 55195695
Messrs. Zahrat Al Basam (Ajmi) 99540121
Markaz Abdul Aziz Al Fikawi Puncture  66614660
Messrs.  Al Najem Al Khomasi 55211165
Messrs. Jawharat Al Tawen-5 97630304
Messrs. Min Almadgar Lil Madgar Puncture Shop 55243983
Messrs. Motor Auto Company 66886588
Messrs. New Miyami Shop 66596641
Messrs. Njmat Assak Auto Service 55921352
Messrs. Noor Star Puncture Shop 55921352
Messrs. Sakkara Puncture Shop 97324502
Messrs. SASCO 55106860
Messrs. Shabab Al Mangaf 55243983
Messrs. Mashref Co-Op. 25391967
Messrs. Lulu Qalaf Garage Co 97915316
Messrs. Super Charge Puncture & Car Repair 99025404
Mubarak Al Kabeer
Messrs. Al Gamel Shop 55663737
Messrs. Alkhat Alamami - Frontline Auto Garage Co 65123133
Messrs. Bubyan Trading Car Repair (Boubyan puncture) 22411717
Messrs. Teer Al Hamama  22414303
Messrs. Al Naeem Co-Operative Society 24578136
Al Nuzha Co-op. 22510132
Messrs. Al Odailiyah Co-Op. 22521715
Messrs. Omariya Coop Pvt - Alimtiaz Alfadi Puncture Shop 50840744
Messrs. Al Qadsiah Co-Op 22512504
Messrs. Alimtiaz Alfadi Car Repair (rabiya Coop) 50840744
Messrs. Al Rawdah Co-Op. 22513921
Messrs. Bashair Al Salam 99937774
Al Zeer Repair Cars 94410580
Messrs. Al Reqqah Co-Op. 50881801
Messrs. Sawahel Shiraz 99396113
Al Rumaithiah Co-op. 50881801
Sabah Al Salem
Al-Fani Awal Electrical Puncture (Ali Sabah AlSalem Coop) 55362556
Messrs. Al Waily 25526043
Messrs. Al Waily (2) 25526043
Messrs. Al Waily Wheel Balancing Puncture Shop 88876057
Messrs. Alfani Al Awal Sabah Alnaser Co Op Private 50881801
Messrs. Anwar Al Masail 94976235
Messrs. Puncture Sabah Alsalem 99286472
 Derwazah Hawally 25653611
Messrs. Al Azrak 25744069
Messrs. Al Faizal 66872602
Messrs. Al Kafil For Electric Puncture Shop 66586358
Messrs. Al Kooth -no:1 99649379
Messrs. Al Mashahir 97852672
Messrs. Al Monkith 66700562
Messrs. Al Zarban Car Repair And Puncture Shop 99060302
Messrs. Alhamar 1 99827352
Messrs. Ali Dashti 97471724
Messrs. Al-Rada 23924287
Messrs. Amghara Garage 66659548
Messrs. Bayark Alola Trading 67744323
Messrs. Bobyan 25635099
Messrs. Deema Palace Co. 66663008
Messrs. Ebthab Al Taaf Puncture Shop 51536536
Messrs. Ekarus 99256491
Messrs. Fawad Naser 55631061
Messrs. Lord 99550021
Messrs. Markaz Seven Eleven 94958687
Messrs. Medan Al Khair Garage 97524252
Messrs. Meshal Al Sharah 97830891
Messrs. Mitras 66921617
Messrs. Najm Thulathi 25655641
Messrs. Royal Al Salmiya For Car Repair 50966588
Messrs. Seven Eleven Parts 99806035
Messrs. Shabab Al Hairak 25638927
Messrs. Shabab Alyoom 66036864
Messrs. Sharaah 99450304
Messrs. Wadi Al Salam 66238415
Messrs. Wahid Salmiya 65883633
Messrs. Wardat Dahiah 25716638
Messrs. Al Awal Europiya 99871122
Messrs. Sawahel Shiraz Puncture Shop 97153585
Messrs. Al Ismaily Electrical & Puncture Shop 99144927
Messrs. Puncture Dashti 22406050
Messrs. Puncture Mutawa 99540121
Messrs. Puncture Shamali 97176179
Messrs. Puncture Tawakal 22409211
Messrs. Warba Al-Khaleej (1) 66734118
Messrs. Abbas Ghuloom & Surinder Sahani (mohd Aslam) 99471469
Adnan Naser Al Qatami 98006982
Al Hassani Auto Spare Parts Co. (Al Rawda & Hatin Gen. Trd. & Cont. Co) 97102829
Garage Badoor (Arif) 66249233
M/S. Abdulhameed Al-Mutawa Group Co 24814438
Messrs. 20/20 Garage 90984276
Messrs. Afrah Nojoum Al Khaleej Car Repair And Puncture 51445500
Messrs. Al Aqssa United For General Trading 60625431
Messrs. Al Dabbous Auto Service 51460015
Messrs. Al Dabbous International Auto Parts Est 99811016
Messrs. Al Estikama Parts 99724780
Messrs. Al Hoor Service Station 66619955
Messrs. Al Jazera Group 66051651
Messrs. Al Maqsora Puncture Shop 55545002
Messrs. Al Zahra International Auto Spare Parts 97949301
Messrs. Al-Safi Car Wash 24838080
Messrs. Aqeeq Al Yamen 50839309
Messrs. Auto Zone Spare Parts 97775655
Messrs. Bansal Spare Parts 50160627
Messrs. Danah Al Bahar Co. 97529005
Messrs. Garage Ahel Altayeb 50711714
Messrs. Garage Al Badoor (Mahmoud Farhan) 66012387
Messrs. Garage Badoor For Car Company 66012378
Messrs. Garage Burla Plus 97664191
Messrs. Gulf Pioneer Est 60604840
Messrs. Hiya Hiya 97473086
Messrs. Magreb Arabi 24829842
Messrs. Mohammed Jaber Al Atiya Est. 99894818
Messrs. Nehayet Al Osbooh-Carwash 24819807
Messrs. New Zayed Spare Parts 24836211
Messrs. Nor Al Sham 50160624
Messrs. Nuwair Al Khalij Co 99608322
Messrs. Oil Village Company 60692222
Messrs. Puncture Jamil 67734037
Messrs. Reem Failaka 99468243
Messrs. Sardar Traders Spare Parts 99535019
Messrs. Taj Al Alamaya 24825612
Messrs. Warda Alkon Garage 55730888
Messrs.Abdullah Mohammad Khalaf Trading Co. (Hamoud Malik Al-Sabah) 97402251
Moyed Rodan Oil Co. 24849010
united geneva trading company 24717044
Al Sulaibikhat Co-op 24872351
Messrs. Al Naeem 66630408
Messrs. Azizko 60056974
Messrs. Garage Al Safwa 97697613
Messrs. Jaeed Al Saedy 90998896
Messrs. Jazaa Alinizi 66660232
Messrs. Markaz Seven Eleven Surra Coop Private 50881801