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Vanellus Turbo 15W-40



Vanellus Turbo 15W-40 is a premium mineral heavy duty diesel engine oil.



Vanellus Turbo 15W-40 with CleanGuardTM is designed for use in turbocharged and naturally aspirated diesel engines. It can be used in trucks, buses, LCVs and in off-road and agricultural equipment.



Cleaner engines are more reliable because they run smoother with less downtime. Using Vanellus Turbo 15W-40 with CleanGuardTM technology you know your engine is up to 30% cleaner*


Vanellus Turbo 15W-40 offers:


  • Superior engine protection - peace of mind against breakdown. Reduces soot and wear to maximise engine response.
  • Reduced operating costs - engineered to go extra kilometres. Less lubricant consumption, less downtime, less maintenance and repair costs.
  • Up to 30% cleaner engine* - more reliable engines. Keeping engines cleaner and running smoothly with less downtime.
* compared to ACEA standard test limits


Product performance claims
  • API CH-4