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Energrease LS-EP range



Multipurpose EP lithium based greases

The Energrease LS-EP range are high quality lithium-based greases incorporating solvent-refined oils, an anti-wear additive, oxidation and corrosion inhibitors, which help to ensure long service life of the grease and a high level of protection for metal surfaces. All grades are water-resistant, and have multi-purpose capability.



The Energrease LS-EP greases are intended for use in plain and roller bearings of all kinds of machinery - including electric motors, machine tools, textile, paper-making, plastic processing and woodworking machines as well as construction equipment. They are recommended for use where surfaces are subjected to heavy or shock loading. The operating temperatures are between -25°C and 140 °C. The Energrease LS-EP greases meet the British Timken requirements for use in steel mills.

Product performance features
  • Suitable for highly loaded applications.
  • Multi-purpose capability.
  • Long service life.
  • Resistance to water wash off.
  • Good pumpability.
  • Good shear stability and vibration resistance.