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Energrease LS range



Lithium based greases

The Energrease LS greases are lithium-based incorporating solvent-refined oils. They contain oxidation and corrosion inhibitors, which help to ensure long service life and a high level of protection for metal surfaces. These greases are water resistant.



The Energrease LS grades are mainly intended for use in plain and roller bearings of all types and in all kinds of machinery under normal load conditions and within an operating temperature range -25 °C to +130 °C. Energrease LS 3 is suitable for severe vibration conditions. Energrease LS 0 may be used in central lubrication systems as well as a lubricant in gears.


Main performance features
  • Long service life.
  • Water resistant.
  • Good pumpability.
  • Vibration resistant.