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Wells and Production Technology

Safe, reliable and competitive well delivery -  spanning the entire well life cycle from well construction through to abandonment and decommissioning

bp Well Advisor


bp Well Advisor integrates data from wells with predictive tools, processes and expertise to help operators improve decision-making in real time.  Its intuitive consoles enable rig crews and office-based engineers to monitor operations in real time. Three bp Well Advisor consoles have now been developed and handed over to engineering for deployment at scale. bp Well Advisor is supported by real-time monitoring centers in Houston, Aberdeen, Luanda and Baku.


bp Well Advisor deployed and in trial in Azerbaijan:


  • Casing Running Console: first field trialled on ACG and now live on ten rigs. More than 170 runs have been completed using Casing Running Console on ACG and Shah Deniz
  • Completions (Make Up torque), Drilling Operations and Tripping all in field trial on ACG 

Production and Injection Optimization technology, supporting base management and global operations


We focuse on delivering technology solutions to mitigate and manage potential risks  for each element of the production system.

  • bp Slug Controller -  wellbore slugging in ACG wells is a major risk to production sustainability. High amplitude of slugging and high rates of change in drawdown put wells at potential risk of sand control failure. It also brings risk for serious process plant upsets and efficiency losses. This technology, which helps to control the slug situation, is deployed at all ACG platforms.
  • bp Drawdown Controller - instability and exceeding the bean up limit when the well is put back on production after shut-down may lead to sand production due to the sand prone nature of  ACG wells. The technology allows to maintain the downhole pressure at the depletion target value by applying constant drawdown to the well. It also enables more efficient and smooth bean-up in the well. It is currently is installed on two ACG Platforms.
  • Production Simulation, Monitoring and Optimization tool - enhances well production optimization capability to address Base Management optimization challenge. Using a combination of physics-based and data-driven modelling and machine-learning techniques, the technology  addresses a wide range of challenges including production forecasting, optimization of the wells and facilities network and flow assurance monitoring.AGT region has gone through extensive developmen and use of DHFC technology to optimize water injection in multilayered reservoir of ACG Field
  • The world's first subsea water injectors, completed with the expandable sand screens and downhole flow control valve were put on line on the Deepwater Gunashli field in 2008. These completion technologies reduced the number of required dedicated injectors and by running them subsea, we avoided complex extended reach drilling from the platform. The completions also helped reservoir engineers manage reservoir depletion in an efficient manner, improve sweep efficiency and maximize multi-zone recovery.
  • The first dual zone water injector in bp equipped with the inline DHFC valve and DTS came online in 2017. Combination of two technologies allowed to control injection within two sub layers and monitor fracture propagations through sands to ensure conformance across two injection zones.
  • The world's first 3-zone water injector with the DHFC equipped with DTS came on line in 2018. This has marked another big milestone for this game-changer technology in ACG to properly manage multi-layer reservoirs and opened for further applications in other bp regions.