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UK framework for action on racial injustice

20 August 2020
UK head of country Peter Mather and UK HR director Simon Ashley sent this note on 20 ‎August 2020 to bp’s UK employees about the new diversity and inclusion (D&I) plan‎

There is no place for racial injustice in society. Here in the UK, we take pride in ‎the contribution bp ‎‎makes to society, and in the diversity of our people who ‎enable us to make that contribution.‎


Let us be very clear: We do not tolerate any form of racial injustice, or ‎discrimination of any kind in ‎‎our organization. Not now, and not within ‎our reinvented bp.‎


We have listened to colleagues in the UK and around the world and have ‎identified three areas for ‎our ‎focused action against racial injustice:‎

We now want to share with you our UK action plan in line with our global ‎commitment ‎to eradicating ‎racial injustice. Here are some of the specific ‎commitments set out in our UK plan:‎


  • ‎As part of a global comprehensive diversity and inclusion (D&I) report, report ‎progress internally ‎and externally against the new UK ethnic minority ambition, ‎supporting a data-driven approach to ‎progress and increasing visibility and ‎accountability (April 2021).‎
  • ‎Externally report on our UK ethnicity pay gap on an annual basis from early ‎‎2022 at the latest, ‎using 2021 data. The intent is to publish regardless of any UK ‎government requirement to do so.‎
  • To enable these commitments, we will continue our focus on ensuring we have ‎access to robust ‎ethnicity data for our people, which is gathered via voluntary ‎self-identification in Workday (October ‎‎2020).‎


  • ‎‎Establish a UK ethnic minority ambition, outlining aspirational goals for ethnic ‎minority ‎representation across our UK business by 2025 as follows. These goals ‎are consistent with our global ‎commitment to fairness and bp’s Code of ‎Conduct (August 2020). The goals are as follows:‎
    • From 10.2% to 15% representation at senior leadership and above
    • From 17.5% to 25% across levels up to and including first level leaders
    • A 20% or greater uplift in Black representation across all levels‎.‎
  • Appoint a UK-specific race and ethnicity champion to ensure we take ‎concerted action to achieve ‎our ethnicity ambitions and to deliver on our UK ‎action plan (by 31 October 2020). ‎
  • ‎Embed expectations and goals for D&I delivery into entity operating plans and ‎annual performance ‎review process for all employees, including a link to ‎compensation (January 2021).‎
  • ‎Launch a mandatory D&I programme across the UK team with a specific focus ‎on anti-racism and ‎inclusion, coupled with a comprehensive education and ‎engagement plan (launched by January ‎‎2021).‎
  • ‎Establish supplier diversity and inclusive supply chain objectives into ‎procurement processes to ‎establish clear accountabilities, and encourage the ‎establishment of a UK ethnic minority ambition ‎for our suppliers (from January ‎‎2021).‎


  • ‎‎Provide focused development and progression interventions to support ‎career progress for UK ‎Black employees and other underrepresented ethnic ‎minorities (from January 2021).‎
  • ‎Increase the ethnic diversity of our talent pools and candidate slates by ‎extending Rules of the ‎Road to ethnicity in the UK (from March 2021).‎‎‎
  • ‎Increase our focus on growing Black and other ‎underrepresented ethnic minority ‎talent via internships and partnerships with racially diverse UK ‎institutions ‎‎(from January 2021).‎
  • ‎Increase funding of UK organizations working to strengthen the STEM ‎education pipeline – focusing ‎specifically on Black talent and other ‎underrepresented minorities (from January 2021).‎

These are initial commitments. We are working on the details of this action ‎plan to enable sustained ‎and systematic change. As we progress we will ‎continue to be guided by meritocracy, inclusivity and ‎fairness. We will ensure ‎our processes and decisions uphold those principles. ‎

We must do more than improve our company; we have an obligation to ‎improve society as well. As ‎such, we will increase our external advocacy ‎efforts in support of racial equity and building the ‎diversity of our talent ‎pipeline. ‎

Change starts with each of us. There are steps that we can all take now to ‎end racial injustice. Our ‎new UK-focused ‎‘ally to advocate’ guide can help ‎you shape your personal action plans to support ‎these efforts, including links ‎to a wealth of resources. ‎

We know that actions, big and small, are what will make the difference. ‎Working with you, we are ‎dedicated to making this happen. Our ambition is to ‎reinvent our UK team to be a model of equality, ‎transparency and justice. ‎

Peter Mather
Simon Ashley