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Tangguh LNG’s off-grid electricity pilot programme in Teluk Bintuni and Fakfak

Release date:
9 May 2023

Jakarta, Indonesia - Tangguh LNG, a leading integrated energy company and the largest LNG producer in Indonesia, announced a new pilot programme to develop off-grid electricity generation systems in Teluk Bintuni and Fakfak, Papua Barat. This programme, which is part of Tangguh's social sustainability program focused on community empowerment, is expected to provide greater access to electricity cleaner energy for the community living around the project.


Desy Unidjaja, head of communications and external affairs bp Indonesia, emphasized the importance of the pilot programme: "We believe that community welfare is essential for sustainable development, and few things are more empowering than providing access to electricity. With this programme, we hope to improve the quality of life for local communities in Papua Barat while contributing to the country's low carbon initiative."

The pilot programme will focus on Arguni in Fakfak regency and Taroy in Bintuni regency. With the full support of SKK Migas, regional administrations, and local communities, the program will develop off-grid electricity generation systems from solar and wind in Arguni, and solar power systems in Taroy. The systems will provide power for lighting and basic appliances in local community houses, schools, churches, and mosques, health centers, village and district meeting halls, and small businesses such as local cooperatives.


The pilots represent a total investment of more than USD 200,000 and are expected to generate up to 42 KWp of electricity in Arguni and 12 KWp in Taroy. Procurement and shipment are underway, and installation will be carried out gradually until all systems are fully operational before the end of the year. The program in Arguni is actually an expansion, with 14 KWp of solar and wind power having been installed under this initiative until 2021.


In addition to the off-grid program, Tangguh is committed to supporting the on-grid electricity network with the state utility firm PT PLN. Currently, Tangguh LNG is supplying gas to PLN to generate up to 4 MW of electricity in surrounding communities, including Bintuni town, Tanah Merah Baru, and Saengga.


Tangguh is also looking to communicate with PT PLN (Persero) and look for ways to expand electricity reach to Tofoi district with Tangguh's gas supply, where most homes currently rely on gensets provided by the local government.


Looking ahead, Tangguh is working together with PLN to support its plan to develop two gas-powered electricity plants in Bintuni regency targeted in 2024 and Fakfak in 2025.


"We are committed to making a direct and positive impact on the surrounding communities," Desy said. "We hope that these electricity programs will inspire many other similar initiatives and help bring electricity to other remote villages nearby, eventually improving villagers' quality of life."



Electrification in Bintuni and Fakfak
Electrification in Bintuni and Fakfak
Electrification in Bintuni and Fakfak
Electrification in Bintuni and Fakfak

Further information

Wigra Hanafiah, communications advisor Indonesia <wigra.hanafiah@bp.com>