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Profile: Christine Kabes, "Papuan women are amazing."

Release date:
2 July 2021
Profile: Christine Kabes

Being a woman in the energy industry is a challenge in itself. Even more so for Christine Kabes, for her involvement in the project to build Tangguh train 3 which has given her valuable lessons. We chatted with Christine about her experience working at Tangguh LNG, which bp operates. Here's an excerpt from our interview:


Can you share about your current work at Tangguh LNG?
At the moment, I’m in the MPO (major project operations) production utilities team, working as an acting control room technician for utilities at Train 3.


Why did you decide to take the role?
I graduated as a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, and to get a chance to work in a global company in my own land is such a privilege. I am very grateful to be a part of bp.


Who is the most influential person in your life?
My mother, she very much inspires me. My mother said every woman should get a high education, a job, and her own income. One day, if she becomes a wife, she can support her husband financially, and be capable of teaching her children if she is highly educated.


What experience have you gained while working in this type of job?
Being involved in the Train 3 project is an incredible experience. I have had the opportunity to participate in all the vendor trainings, establish the procedures that will be implemented when operating the Utilities, participate in a commissioning process, and operate various tools from the initial stage. I have learned a lot from all of that.


What are the challenges for you as a woman during in your area of work?
With the 2-4-2 working rotation (two weeks of quarantine, four weeks on duty, two weeks off duty), you have to be fit to do this. Leaving home for long periods is also a challenge for me.


What do you do to overcome those challenges?
Praying and exercising. Praying always calms the heart, and your mind becomes peaceful, allowing you to be focused at work. Exercising keeps the body fresh, away from various illnesses and gives you a good night’s sleep.


How do you define “amazing woman”?
A woman with the desire to learn new things, who continues to learn and creates, until she reaches her dreams.


What do you think about the Papuan women of today?
Papuan women nowadays are amazing, they dare to create and inspire.


Do you still have other dreams you want to achieve, how do you plan on to achieving it?
I would like to continue my education and get a master’s degree. I took courses to prepare myself for the IELTS test and have gotten sufficient IELTS score as one of the requirements for a scholarship. Unfortunately, I have failed twice in the scholarship selection process.

I also hope to get the opportunity for an overseas assignment with bp. I will continue to work to the best of my ability, accept challenges and tasks given to me with passion, participate in all the mandatory trainings and complete all assessments on time.


Outside of work, you’re part of bp’s runners community; can you share your experience in the community? What made you decide to join and what are the benefits you’ve had?
I joined bp’s runners community when I was temporarily assigned in Jakarta for two years. I found out about the community from a colleague in MPO who invited to participate in their events. I joined because I had a health problem, and was advised by a doctor to run or cycle. For me, running is the cheapest sport with a lot of benefits. Running has now become a routine for me. After work, I always make time to run for an hour, so I sleep better and am fit to work in both day and night shifts.



Personal data

Name: Christine Kabes

Place and Date of Birth: Biak, 28 April 1987

Education: Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, Petra Christian University, Surabaya

Position: Project technician

Department: MPO

Hobbies: Exercising, reading

Motto: Don’t give up, keep learning, and chase your dream!