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BP Alfagift Program

BP Alfagift program

bp Fuels Retail Indonesia has officially became Alfamart Partner. The joining of bp Fuels Retail Indonesia in the Loyalty Marketing Program is expected to
increase customer satisfaction and customer loyalty when they fuel at bp service stations. This Program allows customer and Alfamart members
to earn points for every litre purchased in bp. Each customer or Alfamart member (Alfagift) will get 100 points for every 1 liter of fuel purchased at bp service stations. This program applies to all types of fuel provided at bp service stations – BP 90 with ACTIVE technology, BP 92 with ACTIVE technology, BP 95 with ACTIVE technology, and BP diesel.


To participate in this program, customers and Alfamart members must register their vehicle plate number and member ID number on the registration form which can be obtained through bp service stations. Data that has been registered will be recorded in the system, and the points obtained will be entered automatically according to the amount of fuel purchased. Points will appear in your Alfagift account in 3-5 work days.


This program has been launched for the first time at bp service station in De Latinos since April 22, 2019 Serpong, and now available at all bp service stations across Jakarta & Surabaya.


About Alfamart / Alfagift Members

The Alfamart AKU card is a type of Alfamart member card that was first launched by Alfamart in 2003. Member cards are obtained through Alfamart outlets by asking the cashier. You can also download the Alfagift application and register directly, such as filling in your mobile number, personal email, and other personal data.


By using this Alfamart member, member has the right to get various
benefits of Alfamart members such as easily collecting & exchanging points,
special Alfamart member offers and member special promos, and usually this program will provide a direct discount on each product which at the time was a promotional item.


For those who register or use Alfagift, there are special benefits provided such as daily product recommendations, special promos that are only given through the application, tracking the nearest store, and can collect Alfastamp and Alfastar which can later be exchanged for attractive prizes. At present, BP-AKR has joined Alfamart membership program to provide benefits to all customers fueling at bp service stations.


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