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5 Tips to Celebrate Eid Safely During Pandemic

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Eid Al-Fitr is right in the corner! This year, we are still having the same pandemic situation that changes the way we celebrate Eid. Some of you may already miss the atmosphere of celebrating Eid together with relatives without being limited by distance, but we must hold back once more to stop the spread of Covid-19 virus. To celebrate Eid Al-Fitr safely and conveniently during pandemic, here are 5 tips that you can follow.

  1. Order your grocery shop for Eid online
    To minimize outdoor activity, we tend to adjust ourselves doing everything through the internet, including shopping for necessities. Eid cake's ingredients or Ketupat are now available to be ordered online. Online orders are more safe and convenient as well. Since everyone has the same needs, local markets or supermarkets tend to be overcrowded and social distance no longer maintained between visitors, which can be very dangerous in this pandemic situation.
  2. Exchanging Eid hampers
    From previous normal Eid, we usually exchange hampers/parcels through face to face. This year, try to send the hampers for your loved ones with contactless delivery. Your relatives or friends that lived far away can feel your affection when welcoming Eid and understand that you are maintaining health protocols for mutual safety.
  3. Gathering via text message or video call
    Nowadays, we do online activity more than offline. Office still applies WFH, Schools do online learning and for this year Eid, we can do virtual gathering to celebrate the moment with our family. In this situation, you can still sincerely forgive each other and see your loved ones expressions through your screen. This creates unforgettable moments for you and your family.
  4. Avoid crowds during the night of takbir
    During the night of Takbir, usually many people come out and gather to celebrate happy moments towards the night before Eid. But in this pandemic situation, you should avoid crowds to keep yourself safe. Indeed, there is no restriction to leave the house at night of takbir, but best if you stay home instead.
  5. Apply social distancing during Eid
    For some areas, Eid Al-Fitr prayers can be held in an open field. If you and your family plan to pray outside your home, make sure to consistently apply health protocols. Don't forget to always wear a mask, bring hand sanitizer, a spare mask, and make sure to maintain social distance according to health protocol.