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5 Tips To Maintain A Rarely Used Vehicle

5 tips to maintain a rarely used vehicle

During the pandemic, our vehicles are rarely used, which can cause damage such as flat tires, sedimentation of fuel and oil, fungus growth, and electronic damage. Therefore, taking care of your vehicle is important, especially keeping the engine part stays clean and at top condition.

1. Check your car hygiene routinely

Clean your car frequently to avoid fungus from appearing and causing a bad smell, make sure there are no food crumbs, and beverages left in the vehicle. If needed, use a vacuum to clean the interior of your car cabin.

2. Daily engine warm-up

Warm-up your vehicle every morning or minimum twice a week. Give 5 minutes maximum for your engine to warm-up so all of its components are lubricated, preventing it from corrosion.

3. Check your tire pressure

Tire pressure slightly deflates when your vehicle is rarely used. Ensure you have enough air pressure so your vehicle is ready to be used at any time.

4. Check vehicle oil

Make sure you have full or sufficient engine oil to avoid dew from leftover space that can cause damage to the engine. 

5. Refill your tank with bp Fuel that contains ACTIVE technology Formula

Pay attention to your fuel line knowing your vehicle is rarely used. Dirt can settle and disrupt the flow of fuel to the vehicle's combustion chamber if the fuel line is not being maintained. By refueling at bp, ACTIVE technology formula in BP 90, BP 92, BP 95 helps prevent dirt from building up. ACTIVE technology formula produces a protective layer to the engine’s surface, protecting it from dirt build-up to maintain the vehicle at its top condition.

Those are tips on how to maintain a rarely used vehicle to stay clean and always at its top condition. Keep wearing your mask, maintain your stamina and health to run your activities well.