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5 Tips to Stay Safe and Protected during a Pandemic

5 Tips to Stay Safe and Protected during a Pandemic

It's been a year and as we know COVID-19 pandemic is not over yet. Many of us feel anxious, paranoid, or panic and there are some who disbelieve in the virus that currently haunts us. So how should we act? 


We need to keep doing our activities with staying alert and keep following the government's health protocols to stay safe and protected during this pandemic. The government has announced the 5M movements as our guide in carrying out activities during a pandemic situation. What are the 5M movements? Here are the protocols you can follow:


  1. Wear a Mask
    Although it looks trivial and common, some people still neglect to use masks. Wearing masks is very important to protect your body from viruses. By wearing a mask, we can reduce the risk of spreading the virus, and even break the chain of virus transmission. Likewise, when we meet people or when we want to take pictures together, keep using your mask for protection to avoid the virus from spreading. 
  2. Wash Your Hands With Soap and Running Water
    Always wash your hands after touching objects, receiving packages, pressing the elevator button, shopping, taking money, and any other surface contacts. If there is no soap and water nearby, use a hand sanitizer to eliminate germs from your hands. Hence, don't forget to always carry your own hand sanitizer and soap in your bag.
  3. Keeping Physical Distance
    Your work and activities require you to leave your house everyday? If so, protect yourself by always keeping a distance of at least 1-2 meters from surrounding people. Likewise, when you have to shop or eat in public areas, make sure you keep your distance to avoid physical contact with surrounding people to reduce virus transmission through droplets when  people talk, sneeze, and cough.
  4. Avoid Crowded Places
    The larger the crowd, the greater the chance someone will get infected by COVID-19 virus. The usual crowd examples are social gathering activities, wedding invitations, demonstrations, group meetings, hangouts at cafes or malls, etc. Therefore, always keep yourself safe and protected by staying away from crowded places.
  5. Limit Your Mobilization and Interaction
    Stay home if you don’t have any urgent needs. It's better not to go out, including visiting neighbor's houses or other relatives. Even though it feels safe because we know the person well, it doesn't mean they are COVID free.

So, are we not allowed to do any activities? Of course, we can. As long as we stay alert and consistently apply 5M movements to always be safe and protected during current pandemic. Don't forget to eat nutritious food and take vitamins everyday to help guard your immune system. Hopefully, we all can survive this pandemic healthily and safely. Stay safe!