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5 Ways to Maintain Body Health from Disease

5 Ways to Maintain Body Health from Disease

It's vital to maintain our health constantly. A robust immune system can prevent disease and viruses. Today more than ever, keeping our health is the top priority.


No need to worry, here are some tips to have a strong immune system that you can follow!


  1. Eat More Greens
    Consuming green vegetables can help boost your immune system to stay healthy and prevent disease. Proven on experiments, a mouse that doesn't eat green vegetables experienced a decrease in cell surface protein by 70-80 percent. It means that green vegetables are very important. Therefore, we need to consider eating more greens for a healthy immune system!
  2. Consume Vitamin D
    Keeping a good immune system should be balanced by eating healthy foods and vitamins, one of which is vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiency can cause poor bone growth, heart problems, and a weakened immune system. Let’s make vitamin D (containing D3 - cholecalciferol) as your daily consumption that is safe under doctor's prescription. Also, consume foods that contain Vitamin D, such as mushrooms, salmon, tuna, egg yolks, and beef liver.
  3. Regular Exercise
    A healthy lifestyle undoubtedly provides a beneficial effect to your body, such as doing workout. However, ensure your regular exercise is appropriate and not excessive. There are many sports that you can do easily all by yourself at home. Such as aerobics, yoga, and others, or you could go for a walk or cycling if you want outdoor sports. Make sure to always apply health protocols while doing outdoor activities.
  4. Stress Management
    Stress is a part of our lives, especially if you have crazy work hours and don't have time for lunch. Stress has been proved to weaken the immune system, making it easier for someone to get sick. To prevent this, make sure to manage your stress well. Poor stress management will harm your body and make it more vulnerable to disease. Start with practicing yoga or breathing exercises to relieve stress every day.
  5. Maintain Cleanliness
    To keep a healthy body and free from diseases, make sure you are in a clean environment. It is because cleanliness affects your physical condition. To maintain cleanliness every day, take a shower daily, always wash your hands before and after eating, before touching your eyes or mouth. Wash your hands, scrub your fingers and under your nails for at least 20 seconds. And don't forget to cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when coughing and sneezing. This habit will keep you to stay safe and healthy.


How are the tips? We hope you aren't confused anymore about maintaining your immune system so that you don't get sick easily. If you want to live healthy and don't get sick easily, you should start to live a healthy lifestyle.