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Business Tips for New Beginner


Being successful financially could be sourced from any direction. Income could come from working full-time or owning a business. But, owning a business is not for everybody, because business owners should work harder than full-time employees. You need to be extra careful as a business owner so that everything could run smoothly.


Find out the tips to be a business owner.


  1. Focus on One Product
    For newbie business owners, you should focus on one product. This is to ensure that you can focus on all business aspects, such as product research, USPs, the market, income, and the spending system. Make sure that you are really passionate about the product you are selling so you can master all aspects and push yourself to be better.
  2. Market Research
    After you know which product you will be focusing on, it’s time for you to deepen your knowledge about the market. This is to ensure that your product has met the public needs. What you need to do next are;
    1. Get to Know Your Target Market
      Start to get to know your future or current customers, down to their characteristics, so you can find out the perfect spot or means that you will need for your business.
    2. Competitor Analysis
      Take note of the strategies from other similar businesses and work your way through.
    3. Know Your Risks
      Different risks come for different businesses. Make sure that you have your contingencies in the form of funds.
  3. Fund
    You need to be both mentally and financially ready to be a business owner. Funds are needed to support selling the business. If you have an offline store, you have to keep up with the maintenance or store construction. Also if you have an online store such as on Instagram, Facebook or marketplaces, you need funds to attract audiences through digital ads.


These tips are perfect for any business owner newbie. bp Indonesia also offers you a business opportunity to open new bp service stations. We offer you business support, including strategy and structure.


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