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  5. Don’t forget to check your vehicle’s condition wherever you go for year-end holiday!

Don’t forget to check your vehicle’s condition wherever you go for year-end holiday!

Liburan akhir tahun mau kemana? Check kendaraanmu biar perjalanan liburan akhir tahun mulus!

Who can’t wait for the year-end holidays?!!


After a hectic and often stressful daily routine, taking a long road-trip could be fun and unwind.
Wah, liburan akhir tahun sudah di depan mata! Siapa nih yang sudah tidak sabar?


To make sure that your trip goes smoothly without a hitch, you should make sure that the vehicle you're using is ready! Here’s what you need to check before going for a long road trips!


  1. Tires. Look around your vehicle and  see the readiness of the tires. Check if the tires are still in good condition and safe to use. Measure the tire pressure, the average pressure in the front tires is 32 - 34 Psi and in the rear tires is 30 - 32 Psi.
  2. Lights. Check if your vehicle's lights are starting to dim. If so, you should replace them beforehand so they won’t suddenly come off during the trip.
  3. Radiator water, reservoir, and oil. Make sure the radiator water is full and the reservoir water is within the limit, also check in the hose, do not let anything bubble or leak because it will be dangerous. Oil is also an important factor that needs to be checked, because engine’s oil must be at a sufficient volume limit.
  4. Brakes. It seems like this is often overlooked, but you should regularly check the brakes to avoid any kind of accidents.
  5. Battery. Make sure the battery is sufficient  for those who use wet batteries, and for dry batteries, make sure the voltage is normal when you checked with a voltmeter.
  6. Gasoline. Choosing the right gasoline is important to give your vehicle power during your trip. bp Ultimate with ACTIVE technology is bp’s best gasoline for your long-trips. The ACTIVE technology  formula helps to clean vital engine components from dirt build-up, making your vehicle's performance optimized, smoother and more efficient.

So,have you decided  where are you going for this year-end vacation? Wherever the destination is, don't forget to check your vehicle first and fuel up with bp Ultimate!


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