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Effective tips to make your vehicle's engine performance at its optimum!

Tips ampuh bikin performa mesin kendaraanmu selalu Optimal!

As a vehicle owner, it is your responsibility to maintain your engine’s optimal performance. Especially, if your vehicle is frequently used with a high daily routine such as for work, taking your kids to school, and road trips.


There are several ways to maintain your engine:

  1. Schedule tune-ups  to check the condition of the engine and avoid problems in the battery water section and the dirty carburetor.
  2. Change your oil on time. Regular oil changes will prevent deposits and scale in the engine that could disrupt your car performance.
  3. Clean the filter pipe to avoid having dirty filters so the engine’s performance remains strong even when you run out of fuel.
  4. Pay attention to the ignition system so that the vehicle does not feel heavy and is always comfortable to use.
  5. It is important to choose good quality fuel to optimize your engine performance. bp Ultimate has a special formula that will always help you to maintain your vehicle's engine.


bp Ultimate with ACTIVE technology is bp’s best gasoline that helps clean and protect the engine from dirt ensuring  your vehicle engine components are safe from dirt piling back. This keeps your vehicle engine smoother and comfortable while being used for your activities.


Take good care of your vehicle by always refueling with bp Ultimate!