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Find Out What Are The Tips To Maintain Your Car During WFH

Find Out What Are The Tips To Maintain Your Car During WFH

The pandemic touches every aspect of our lives, such as WFH rules that we still face today. Many things need to be reconsidered when all habits change, including ways to maintain your vehicle. Barely using your car doesn't mean you do not need to take care of it. Check out the following tips to maintain your car during WFH conditions.


Heat Your Engine Routinely

The simplest way to prevent car damage is by heating up your engine every day. Despite your vehicle being barely used, it still needs to be heated up. This is necessary to circulate the lubricant inside the engine and give the battery time to charge. You can do this twice to three times a week within 4 minutes duration.


Tire Care and Maintenance

Because it is always parked in the same place, the car tire only focuses on certain parts. To avoid this, you can slightly shift the car's position forward or backward when idling the vehicle to change the focus on the car tires. If the tires are thin, you will need to replace them the same as when you use them frequently. And don't forget to check your tire pressure too.


Check Your Engine Oil

Oil is the essential component in the vehicle as an engine lubricant. Even if you are still WFH and the car is not being used anywhere, checking your oil regularly is a must. If your car's oil has been looking bad and thickened for a long time, it's time to replace it with new oil. As well, pay attention to your brake fluid to maintain safety during driving.


Radiator Fluid

Another car fluid you should routinely check is radiator fluid. If the liquid has already reached the minimum level, immediately refill it. Avoid filling the radiator with mineral water to prevent engine corrosion.


Refuel Periodically

Caring for your car is essential for safety and comfort while driving. To maintain your vehicle at its best condition during WFH, refueling should not be forgotten. For healthier engine conditions, refuel with bp fuel that contains ACTIVE technology. This technology is specially designed to help protect your vehicle engine against dirt build-up. When you are driving, worry not because using bp fuel with ACTIVE technology helps preserve vital parts on your vehicle engine to ensure it is at its best performance.