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Going on a road trip? Here are 6 things to maximize your vehicle's performance!

Ways to get smooth vehicle engines without modifications!

You may have packed your things to bring for a road trip, but have your vehicle "packed" its essentials? Here are six things you need to ensure for a safe and maximum vehicle performance during the trip!

  1. Tire condition
    Routinely do spooring, balancing, and check the condition and pressure of the tires so that the ride is smooth! 
  2. Vehicle brakes
    Always make sure that the brakes are working properly and effectively, just in case of emergency. 
  3. Vehicle engine coolant
    Check the volume of fluid in the radiator tank to maintain a stable engine temperature. This is to avoid overheating while traveling.
  4. Suspension
    Check the condition of the vehicle's suspension and make sure it’s in good condition. Do not let the vehicle's suspension become loose or damaged because it can affect driving comfort and can cause damage to your vehicle.
  5. Oil and filter condition
    Make sure the vehicle's oil is changed and renewed to avoid corrosion and friction that cause wear on the engine. While on it, try to check or even replace the oil filter as well! Clean filter and oil will maximize your vehicle performance!
  6. Choose fuel carefully
    The most important thing is to choose the good quality fuel for your vehicles to make your trip more enjoyable. BP Ultimate with ACTIVE Technology will be the right choice of fuel for you. As it not only will keep your engine clean so it can run smoother, but also will help maintain your vehicle in its maximum performance.


By following these tips, you can help to prevent unexpected breakdowns, ensure safety and comfort while driving, and enjoy a trip at ease!

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