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Here are some tips you need to pay attention to make your Sunmori trip Fun, Safe and Sprightly!

Here's how to always stay ON TIME from your home to  office long trip journey!

Sunday Morning Ride, also known as Sunmori, now has become popular especially among the younger generations who have interests in automotive. This activity is not only done within communities but also publicly for every individual who owns a motorized vehicle and wants to go for a ride on the weekend not limited to what kind of vehicle you own, everyone can join the hype of Sunmori! 


Sunmori also has its own excitement for those who like to hunt for new hangout spots, that have good food and are comfortable to spend time with friends.


There are several things to consider for those of you who are new to Sunmori, so if you want your first experience could run smoothly and Sat Set. One of them is readiness for safe driving because whatever your vehicles are, ensuring safety for yourself and others is still the main priority.


Here are 5 things you should pay attention to in preparation for a fun, safe, and Sat Set Sunmori.


1. Determine Your Route

To make your Sunmori experience more fun and enjoyable, it’ll be best to plan your route first to avoid traffic jams.


2. Physical Preparation

You need to be 100% fit to do Sunmori, it’ll be best if you could avoid staying up late the night before to prevent drowsiness while riding since you need to wake up early on the weekend.


3. Leaving Early Makes You Fresh

Sunmori activities are not suitable for those of you who like to wake up late. Because, if you wake up late, for example around noon, the roads are already crowded with other riders who're ready to start their activities. Therefore, the best time to start your Sunmori is at 6 AM, so you can still enjoy the fresh air.


4. Safety Riding

Safety riding is something that must be on top of the priority list. Full driving equipment and complete legal documents are the first things to be made sure of before the first gas is pulled. 


5. Use Good Quality Fuel

Fuels with good quality play a big role in supporting your long trip to be smooth, fun, and sprightly. Why? Because good fuel can protect your vehicle engine during long trips. bp Ultimate is one of the latest products from bp, developed with ACTIVE technology. bp Ultimate has the benefit to help clean and keep your vehicle’s engine fit so your vehicle performance is optimized during the trip. The most exciting part is that you can feel the performance of the vehicle more agile on the road than usual.


Not only engines in new vehicles that can have optimal performance, bp Ultimate with ACTIVE technology also help maintain engine performance in all types of engine vehicles - new and old, large and small, 2 wheels and 4 wheels.


So, are you ready to enhance your Sunmori experience with bp Ultimate?