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Here is The Right Way to Improve Engine Performance

Here is The Right Way to Improve Engine Performance

The more we use our vehicles, it is unavoidable that the condition of the car engine is not as powerful as it was, a result of many possibilities.Whether it is oxidation, corrosion, or simply because it is full of dirt and sludge deposits.  


If this keeps going on, it will affect your vehicle’s performance and build up even more problems. Causes your engine components to wear down quickly, reducing your vehicle’s fuel efficiency, and even hiding broken parts or electrical issues. Before this happens, it is time to always take precautions by cleaning your vehicle along with the engine to prevent these problems that may happen in the future.  


How Often Should We Clean the Engine?

There is no set time for cleaning the vehicle’s engine. But, it may depend on the area or weather conditions that the vehicle’s parked in. If you live in a city where there is little debris on the roads, try to clean the engine at least twice a year. However, if the car is infrequently used and parked in a dry or rural area where enormous amounts of dirt might accumulate, the cleaning date should be scheduled every two or three months. Remember that fuel is also one of the ways to improve the performance of a vehicle's engine. 


The Benefits of Maintaining a Clean Engine

Apart from being able to minimise damage and dirt on vital components in the vehicle engine, here are other benefits that you can get after cleaning the engine regularly:

  1. Protects Parts 
    Every part of the vehicle play is important. Make sure to clean it regularly to prevent any dirt, gunk, oil, or grease that will harm the engine and poorly decrease your vehicle's performance.
  2. Improve the Vehicle Longevity
    Regular engine cleaning will wash away the dirt and debris in an engine, fight rust and corrosion, maintain engine functionality, and extend the engine life.
  3. Helps Identify Issues
    If you find any leaks from the engine, it is a sign that there’s something wrong with it. Spotting the leak during the set cleaning schedule will help you identify and fix the issue faster. 

Maximising the quality and performance of the vehicle with Technology ACTIVE by BP Ultimate will help protect and maintain the engine for a long ride and time. 


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