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How To Maintain Car Air Conditioner To Keep It Cool

How To Maintain Car Air Conditioner To Keep It Cool

Like the machines, car AC needs some love! Too cool down the body when it’s hot out, or to prevent car dew when it’s raining. So it can be concluded that the AC is as important as the machines that you have to maintain for it to work ideally. Here’s how:



Keep the car clean

Because the car air circulation system utilises the air in the car cabin, the dust and dirt on the car cabin will be sucked into the AC vent and the air coming out of the AC hole will be dirty too, so the cleanliness of the car cabin is affecting the car’s AC.



Don't open the car window while driving

Dust and dirt in the cabin will affect the cleanliness of the car air conditioner, especially the air from outside directly! Do not get into the habit of opening windows while driving because in addition to making the car cabin and air conditioner dirty, you can also be exposed to dust and dirt from the outside.


Clean the AC filter regularly

You still need to clean the AC filter regularly. Bring your car to the shop, or follow these 5 steps at home:

  1. Open the glove box
  2. The AC filter should be on top of the filter and blower compartment
  3. Remove the AC filter slowly to avoid dust flying everywhere
  4. Clean it by blowing it slowly or using a vacuum cleaner. Do not wash the filter with water and soap.
  5. Re-attach everything and put it back in the glove box.


Do not turn off AC for too long

When it’s too cold in the car, turning off the AC might be a good idea. But it turns out that when the AC is off but the car is running, dust will pile up and affect the car’s air quality.



Use AC properly

Turn the AC on only when the hot air has gone out of the car. Open the car window so you can have fresh air in the vehicle. Besides, the hot air inside the car cabin could jeopardise your health.


Follow the 5 ways above to keep your car AC cool and long-lasting. But when it comes to the engines, let the ACTIVE Technology handle it. The ACTIVE Technology will prevent dirt build-up and improve your vehicle’s performance with every drop, so that road trips will be as comfortable as ever!

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