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Inspired by South Korean Culture Popularity, 'KrispiCikin' is Ready to Welcome You!

Inspired by South Korean Culture Popularity, 'KrispiCikin' is Ready to Welcome You!

South Korean culture has now become popular in society. This can be seen by the growing popularity of K-pop and K-drama. On top of that, South Korea is also famous for its unique food and culinary delights.


Inspired by South Korean culture, on Wednesday, 10 March 2021, KrispiCikin inaugurated its first store in Indonesia, located at bp Bintaro service station, sector 9 Tangerang. KrispiCikin is a Korean restaurant that offers a variety of delicious chicken menus. KrispiCikin can be enjoyed by all range of ages, from children to the elderly. The food served is made with premium ingredients and processed without MSG (micin), which is in line with KrispiCikin's tagline, #NoMicinEatKrispiCikin. 


Kartika Indah as KrispiCikin Owner, explained during KrispiCikin Bintaro Store Grand Opening, "Apart from the favourite menu, one thing that differentiates KrispiCikin from competitors is we have a good branding, with fast food concept and good service," she said, Wednesday (10 / 3).


The available menus are Cikin Wings & Cikin Drumsticks, crispy chicken wings and drumstick with special spices. Rabokki, a combination of Tteok with spicy Ramyeon noodles. Cikin Beogeo, a hamburger with chicken fillet filling served with secret spices, and Cikin Skewer, juicy tender chicken satay with various sauces.


Kartika also said that the inaugural KrispiCikin store at bp Bintaro service station also marked the exclusive collaboration between KrispiCikin and BP-AKR Fuels Retail. In the future, all KrispiCikin stores will be available at various bp service stations in Indonesia and targeting up to 10 KrispiCikin stores in 2021. So, for you that lives out of town, don't worry! KrispiCikin will be serving you soon.


On the same occasion, President Director of APR (BP-AKR Fuels Retail) Peter Molloy also attended and showed that he was happy and delighted to welcome the collaboration with KrispiCikin. He hoped that KrispiCikin can continue developing and innovating products, and bp would always provide ongoing support to KrispiCikin through a collaborative program.