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Safety Rules You Should Follow When Riding Your Vehicles

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Preparation is a must when you are going on a trip, no matter how near or far the journey will be. There are several things you need to check before you start traveling, starting from checking your car condition until good driving ethics on the road so you can ride safely and comfortably during the trip. Here are the other tips, check it out!

  1. Check Your Vehicle Readiness
    Your vehicle also needs your attention. To get a safe and comfortable riding experience, do not forget to always check your vehicle's engine condition before traveling. Check the tire pressure too, and make sure the car required tools are appropriately stored in your vehicle.
  2. Wear A Seat Belt
    Wearing a seat belt is very important. It could hold the body from being thrown and reduce injuries when car incidents happen. Wearing a seat belt also makes you feel more comfortable while driving.
  3. Adjust Your Driving Posture Properly
    As a driver, make sure you know your favourite and comfortable driving position, especially if you are planning on a long road trip. Set your driving position as comfortable as possible. Bad posture could result in body pain and an uncomfortable feel.
  4. Maintain Your Driving Speed
    Do not be hasty while driving, it is dangerous for you. Indeed, driving at high speed is allowed, but there are things we need to pay attention to keep us safe. First, observe the road's condition, is it good enough? And look at the traffic, is it crowded? When you are driving, also remember to always put the safety of others first.
  5. Take Breaks
    The government has made regulations for drivers to stay in a fit condition while driving. Regarding to the Law (UU) Number 22 of 2009 Article 90 sections 2,3, and 4 (UU) Number 22 of 2009 about Road Traffic and Transportation, the regulation sets driving time limits, for example driving activities for a maximum of eight hours in one day. And second, the driver must rest at least 30 minutes after traveling for four hours. So, make sure to stop and take periodic rest whenever you feel tired, do not force it!
  6. Follow Traffic Regulations
    Traffic regulations are made for drivers so they can drive safely and comfortably, therefore as a good driver, make sure you always obey The Traffic Regulations; respect the traffic light, do not break through because this could be dangerous to yourself and others.

Giving attention to your vehicle would be very important for safety and comfortable riding experience. Maximize your maintenance with bp fuel that contains ACTIVE technology. The technology inside will help prevent the engine from dirt build-up, so your vehicle performance remains in its top condition. When your vehicle is maintained, you can enjoy a safe and comfortable riding experience in your journey.