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Smoother engine, consistent pulls? It's possible if you do this!

Smoother engine, consistent pulls? It's possible if you do this!

For city folks, heavy traffic is a day-to-day unavoidable activity that needs to get through. Whether you are caught in rush hour, stopped at the red light, or train crossing. Little did we know that every 10 minutes when our vehicle is not moving will actually drain the fuel. But no worries! With good planning and strategy on the road, now we can conserve the vehicle’s fuel usage.


  1. Plan the Route Before Travelling
    Becoming one step ahead is always a good idea. So, whenever possible, plan your commute beforehand. Either drive earlier to avoid the peak of rush hours or try to choose a different road with lesser traffic. This is because short ‘stop and go’ traffic will put a lot of pressure on the engine, which will increase our fuel consumption.
  2. Avoid Idling
    When stuck in heavy traffic with long idle time or that stops for more than 60 seconds, it is recommended to turn off the engine of the vehicle or shift to neutral. Shifting to neutral will drop the RPM, thus you will minimise fuel use. Otherwise, you will lose at least 10% of your fuel for every 10 minutes it idles. 
  3. Avoid Braking Aggressively
    When stuck in traffic, it is unavoidable that we will break our vehicle a lot of times. But, make sure to always stay focused and look at the road ahead, and plan your next move. Find the vehicle’s momentum and use it to slow down gradually on its own as you coast to a stop without slamming on the brake. When the traffic starts to move again, there is no need to accelerate hard as the vehicle will go again slowly.
  4. Use A/C Wisely
    Air conditioning increases a vehicle’s fuel consumption by as much as 20%. To avoid this, roll down the windows and turn off the A/C, use the ventilation system, and let the breeze get in. If you live in a tropical country where it is mostly summer all the time, it is understandable that the weather can be unbearably hot during the day. No worries, you can still minimise the fuel by rolling the windows back up and using the recirculation option on the A/C to minimise the impact.  


Last but not least, to maintain the vehicle’s fuel efficiency make sure to do regular service. If a car is poorly maintained, any grease and corrosion will build up easily between engines and parts. That is why it is important to choose a specifically designed fuel. Maintain your vehicle's performance by using BP Ultimate which can protect the engine from accumulated dirt. BP Ultimate will maximise your vehicle's engine performance, perfect for city traffic!

Visit the nearest bp service station at this link: