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The risk of using different type of fuel


The various types and brands of fuel in the market makes drivers wonder which fuel is best for their vehicle, and often leads to curiosity trying different fuels that suit the vehicle. Sometimes they are forced to replace their fuel in an urgent situation, like running out gas, and their usual gas station is nowhere near. With that reason, the driver must refuel with a different kind of fuel than they usually do. 

However, this often bothers us, is it safe to refill with a different kind of fuel? Basically, it is still fine changing to another fuel if just for one time filling only during an empty tank situation. The reason is, all types of fuel have the same constituent elements on the hydrocarbon chain, so it is relatively safe if 1-2 types of fuel mixed in one tank. With a condition, if you want to switch to your original fuel, make sure to run out the old fuel  first to then fill up with the original fuel you usually use. Or if you're going to replace it with new fuel, you definitely can as long you are consistent using the same fuel. Using a different type of fuel for a long time can cause serious damage.

Very important to remember that each engine has a different compression value. When you replace the commonly used fuel, the engine will automatically readjust its compression. The speedy transition can cause problems for the engine, one of which is sluggish performance, engine damage and even difficult to start-up. Likewise, frequently changing fuel brands. Each manufacturer has a different configuration, therefore this type of differences can shock the engine and cause a serious problem.

Don't forget to always choose the best fuel for your vehicle and make sure to use it consistently. Choose a fuel that is not only good for your vehicle but also has the best formula consistent within, like bp fuels with ACTIVE technology. The ACTIVE formula can help protect the engine from dirt build-up to maintain your vehicle performance remains at its top condition.