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Things to be prepared for year end

Things to be prepared for year end

We are finally at the end of the year. Usually, there are already tons of lists and plans of activities you want to do at the end-year holiday, gathering with families, relatives, or traveling out of town, or even abroad. However, we must reconsider our plan because we are still in a pandemic situation.

Whatever your plans are, here are some things you need to prepare at the new year holiday to stay safe and comfortable:

1. Ensure a Healthy Body

Ensure to check your body condition before and after you travel. Checking your health is important during a pandemic situation. You will be vulnerable to disease if your body feels unwell and if this happened, you may want to postpone your travel. You might want to as well consider getting a rapid test antigen or swab test so you feel less worried when you go outside your home.

2. Choose Your Travel Schedule Wisely

Determining a travel schedule is also important to ensure your destination is safe and comfortable. Make sure to always keep your distance when you use public transportation both on the road and in a plane, and don't forget to always wear a mask during your trip.

3. Always Bring Personal Protective Equipment

Make sure you bring a mask along with a spare. Don't forget to always change the mask every four hours. Therefore, bring enough extra masks so you can easily replace them at any time. Then, bring liquid soap and hand sanitizer. Both of these items are needed to keep your hands clean during your activities. Third, disinfectant spray. This object serves to kill viruses that attach to objects many people are prone to touch. Also, bring your own spoon, fork, drinking bottle, toothbrush, soap, and prayer equipment when traveling to prevent virus transmission.

4. Use a Private Vehicle

Although there is a lot of public transportation available, using a private vehicle will be safer. However, the choice of private vehicle can indeed be made for trips that are not too far away. If you are forced to use public transportation such as a plane, make sure you keep your distance from other people. Choose airlines that apply separate seats. Note that some people can transmit COVID-19 virus without symptoms. Maintain a distance of at least 1.5 m or twice an arm from other people, especially for people with high risk.

Those are some tips to get you prepared for your year end travelling during a pandemic situation. Hopefully, you enjoy your trip safely and pleasantly!