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Things to Prepare for a Safe and Comfortable Eid Homecoming Road Trip

Things to Prepare for a Safe and Comfortable Eid Homecoming Road Trip

The long-awaited day for Muslims is coming soon! Before Eid al-Fitr, there are several things and traditions that Indonesian usually do for the celebration. One of them is the Eid homecoming road trip.


Many families travel long and far to be able to meet and celebrate the holy day with all the extended family in their hometown. While there are various modes of public transportation available to help families reunite. Many of them prefer to use private cars for a flexible travel schedule.


However, travelling back and forth using a private car requires careful preparation to be safe and comfortable while on the road. Here is a checklist that must be prepared before the Eid homecoming road trip!

  1. Bring Only Essential Goods. Many travellers usually overpack with 'just in case' as an excuse, until they finally realize that these items are just piling in your car trunk or limiting your sitting space in the car. Hence, make sure to only pack essential items which fit your car's capacity.
  2. Learn the Route. Before starting a long ride, make sure you research the route that you will take. This is to anticipate the traffic and road conditions. By doing so, you can also estimate your travel time, prepare toll fees, and find the nearest rest area during the trip.
  3. Check Car Condition. To maintain safety while driving, especially if you are travelling long distances. Make sure to check the physical and engine condition of your car a week before your trip. This is to anticipate if there are still any faults found in your newly adjusted engine before travelling.
  4. Have Enough Fuel. An important thing that is often overlooked for a long homecoming road trip is engine fuel capacity. The drivers are often caught ignoring the fuel indicator and skipping service stations in rest areas until they are low or run out of fuel in the middle of the road. Surely you want to avoid this incident, right? Therefore, always look out for the nearest bp service station once you hit a half mark in your fuel indicator to fill them with bp Ultimate until the tank is full. Formulated with ACTIVE Technology, bp Ultimate will maximize your vehicle's performance and maintain vital engine components from accumulated dirt.

The last thing, make sure you are in good health and physical condition. Be careful when driving, and make sure you follow traffic rules during your Eid homecoming trip.