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Things You Should Prepare for Outdoor Activity During the Pandemic

Things you should prepare for outdoor activity during the pandemic

During the pandemic, we need to protect ourselves. The safest protection is to do activities at home as much as possible and minimize outdoor activities.

However, there are times when we need to go outside, like for work, or other urgent things. If you want to go outside, don't forget to be extra careful to protect yourself from COVID-19. One of the preventing ways is by complying and implementing health protocols as recommended by the government.


What are the things you need to prepare?

1. Wear A Mask

Wearing a mask is very important when you go outside. That's because it helps prevent the spread of droplets. It's preferable to use medical masks or surgical masks, because these masks are good at blocking and warding off viruses. After using it, don't forget to throw it in a closed trash can, and wash your hands afterwards.

2. Implement Social Distancing

Keep your distance from other people minimum 1 meter can avoid virus transmission from one person to another, especially if the person shows respiratory symptoms. As well, avoid crowds and minimize physical contact with other people to stop the spread of the virus.

3. Bring Hand Sanitizer

Viruses and bacteria are everywhere and spreading at any time. The spread of the virus also varies, one of it is by hand contact. So if you can't find soap and water to wash your hands, it's important to always use a hand sanitizer after touching an object or surfaces.

4. Clean Door Handles and Steering wheel

There are some spots in the car that can be germs favorite places, viruses, and bacteria. Parts of a vehicle with high risk are components often touched, such as the steering wheel, door handles, power window buttons, and seat belts. For the steering wheel, clean it with mixed water shampoo. You can clean up the steering wheel using a toothbrush. Don't forget to clean other parts, such as the wiper levers and turn signal. For maximum results, this process can also be applied to the gear lever, handbrake, and door handles.

5. Check Your Vehicle Regularly

Vehicles that are rarely used need extra care. Please make sure to always check your vehicle regularly to maintain its performance. Check the wheels of your vehicle regularly and avoid your fuel tank from being empty by refuelling at your nearest bp service station.