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Tips in Choosing Quality Fuel for Your Motorcycle

Tips Memilih Bahan Bakar yang Sesuai untuk Motormu

Confused in choosing the best fuel for your new motorbike? Make sure you know what fuel to use as this will affect your engine's durability in the long run.


 The right use of fuel makes the engine room's combustion work perfectly. This impacts your motorbike engine to function at its best performance, efficiency on fuel consumption, and longer engine durability. Therefore, it’s important for new motorbike owners to choose the right fuel type that matches the engine specifications. Here are some tips to follow before purchasing your fuel:

  1. Check Your Manual Book
    When buying a motorbike, make sure you have read and understand the manual book. You will find many information that might be useful inside your manual book. One of them is information on fuel type recommendations for your motorbike.
  2. Understanding Your Engine Compression Ratio
    If you bought a used motorbike and there is no Manual Book or Owner's Manual, the other option for you to choose the type of fuel is by understanding your motorbike's engine compression. This is the most suitable method for finding the right type of fuel. The higher the compression ratio, the higher the octane value. For example, fuel with RON 90 is designated for vehicles with 9-10 compression ratio. For a 10-11 compression ratio, it is recommended to use RON 92. While the compression ratio for 11-12, it is best to use RON 95.


Keep in mind, if you continue to use fuel that is not ideal, the combustion chamber on your motorbike will rapidly get dirty. This will affect your motorbike’s performance, resulting a shorter usage period. Best to choose fuel that contains a formula to protect the engine from dirt build-up, like in bp fuels. ACTIVE technology formula from bp fuels helps protect your engine with millions of active molecules attached to the engine surface and forms a metal protective layer that can help stop dirt sticking to the metal. This way, bp fuels with ACTIVE technology helps protect the engine from dirt in the engine inlet valve.


Already know the type of fuel for your motorbike? Make sure you make the right choice to keep your motorbike engine durable!