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Watch out! Causes a Damaged Radiator

Watch out! Causes a Damaged Radiator

The radiator is an important component that works as a machine cooler. If it breaks down, the cooling system will be affected, and if not treated properly, it will also affect other components. Watch out for the red check engine light! Your car might break down any minute.


Reasons for broke radiators:

  1. Old
    If your radiator is 4 or 5 years old, you must check them regularly and clean it thoroughly. If it breaks down, you need to buy a new one.
  2. Did not use the right fuel
    It seems unimportant, the wrong fuel affects the radiator! Some people use low octane fuels in the factory, when the higher octane is needed for the machines to work optimally. The low octane fuel is also the reason for knocking.


Yes, bringing your car to the shop is easier, but it might be more efficient to follow these tips from bp instead!

  1. Drain the radiator water
    Drain the radiator water regularly when your car is at 20,000km! Do this regularly so the radiator can stay healthy and stable.
  2. Clean the radiator tank regularly
    Clean the radiator tank twice every two weeks to avoid corrosion and rust.
  3. Check the lid
    Simple but important, make sure the cover is on when you’re done checking up. So that the coolant liquid or radiator water does not leak. 


Don’t let your car radiator ruin your road trips! Check your components regularly to make sure their cleanliness of this component.When it comes to the machines, leave it to bp! Every drop of the ACTIVE Technology will help protect the car machines from dirt-build for maximum performance.


Visit the nearest bp service stations and feel the difference!