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What does RON Mean?

What does RON Mean?

We should not be careless when choosing vehicle fuel. Each car has a distinct type of engine compression that necessitates the use of specific fuel, according to the required RON level, to achieve optimal driving performance.

RON (Research Octane Number), also known as octane rating or level, serves as an indicator of fuel stability. Within the RON classification, numbers indicate the level of pressure generated during fuel combustion within a vehicle's engine. 

All cars have their own RON preferences and compatibility. Not all car engines can accommodate high RON fuels, as does the otherwise. The utilization of fuel with an octane level incompatible with a vehicle's engine compression can lead to the formation of dirt and residue, which in turn can shorten the spark plug's lifespan.

At present, five octane levels have been introduced, each tailored to compression ratios to achieve maximum performance.

  1. RON 88
    This denotes the lowest octane type. Fuel with an RON of 88 suits vehicles with an engine compression ratio of 9:1.
  2. RON 90
    This octane variant is most commonly used in Indonesia. Fuel boasting an RON of 90 is appropriate for vehicles with an engine compression ratio of 10:1.
  3. RON 92
    This octane rating suits vehicles equipped with Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) technology and engines featuring a compression ratio ranging from 10:1 to 11:1.
  4. RON 98
    An RON of 98 represents the highest octane level in Indonesia. It is typically utilised for sophisticated engines in sports and premium vehicles possessing a compression ratio of 11:1 to 13:1.
  5. RON 100
    This is the highest octane type, employed for high-compression racing engines with compression ratios of 13:1 and above.

It's crucial when selecting an RON, the foremost consideration is the compatibility with your vehicle's compression engine. The use of suboptimal fuel can lead to faster dirt accumulation within the combustion chamber.

Choose  high-quality fuel formulated to shield the engine from the buildup of debris. BP Ultimate with ACTIVE Technology helps remove harmful dirt from critical engine parts which, with ongoing use, can help engines perform at their best, run smoothly and help restore and maintain fuel economy.