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Promo OVO Shoptakuler

OVO Shoptakuler Promo

Terms and Conditions

  1. Promo valid start 1 – 30 June 2024
  2. Cashback is OVO Points (1 OVO Point = Rp 1).
  3. Cashback will be sent no later than 2 x 24 hours after the transaction.
  4. Cashback 2% maximum 25,000 OVO Points/transaction/user/periods with a minimum transaction of IDR 300,000 using OVO Cash.
  5. Limited for 100 customers /day who fill up gas at bp service stations
  6. This promo cannot be combined with other promos according to the partner who cooperates.
  7. If OVO Points are not received after the transaction, please report to OVO Customer Service at 1500 696 or cs@ovo.id (24 Hours).
  8. If fraud is found in the implementation of this promo, OVO has the right to cancel the OVO Points that have been given.
  9. If there are complaints/requests for refunds related to products/payments, please contact the relevant merchant directly
  10. If there is an OVO transaction failure due to any technical reasons (either EDC or application) it is not the responsibility of the merchant. Consumers are required to make payments and can contact CS OVO
  11. bp has the right at any time to make changes to all or part of the terms and conditions without prior notification
For more information, please contact us through e-mail promotions@bpakr.com