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Promo Cashback 50% Mandiri Tap to Pay

Terms and Conditions

  1. Promo starts from 1 May - 30 June 2024
  2. Maximum cashback IDR 25.000 with a minimum transaction of IDR 50,000  at bp Service Stations
  3. Valid for user Livin' Tap to Pay from Mandiri Visa/Mastercard Credit Cards with NFC feature on Android cellphones (Tap to Pay) 
  4. Personal and Corporate Cards are valid for Bank Mandiri Credit Cards 
  5. 1 user is entitled to a maximum of 1x cashback per week during the Program Period at bp Service Stations 
  6. Cashback received in the form of a balance which will be credited to Livin' by Mandiri customer accounts every Friday of the following week for Credit Cards
  7. Promo cannot be combined with other Mandiri Bank promos 
  8. Promo only applies to Livin' Tap to Pay users on Android phones
  9. bp may at any time make changes to the terms and conditions of the program, and/or terminate this program without prior notification
For more information, please contact us through e-mail promotions@bpakr.com