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Caisson transportation - ministerial event

Watch the first caisson sail away
In May 2021, the first of 21 caissons which will form the offshore breakwater, sailed away from Dakar Harbour. 


To mark this important milestone in the delivery of the GTA Phase 1 project, Minister Gladima and Minister Saleh, oil and energy ministers of Senegal and Mauritania, respectively, along with the UK and US ambassadors to Senegal, representatives from bp’s partners, Petrosen, SMH and Kosmos Energy, attended a ribbon-cutting event in Dakar harbour.

They were joined bp attendees including Emil Ismayilov, SVP Mauritania & Senegal; Geraud Moussarie, head of country, Senegal; and Mohamed Liman, head of country, Mauritania for a tour of the caisson fabrication yard and update on the project progress.

Caisson Transportation

Caisson Transportation, photo courtesy of Eiffage

The caisson was loaded onto a barge and sailed into the Dakar Bay to offshore Goree Island, where it was moored before being transported to the project’s hub terminal site.


The engineering to deliver these caissons is truly outstanding by global standards.