BP in Louisiana

From our aviation transport facilities in Houma, to our offshore supply center in Port Fourchon, we’re proud to be an everyday part of Louisiana’s economy
A view of passengers as they are escorted to PHI S-92 aircraft preparing to depart PHI Houma Heliport Escorted passengers to PHI S-92 aircraft preparing to depart PHI Houma Heliport

At Work in Houma, Louisiana 

Keeping our offshore operations running 24/7 creates jobs onshore as well. The Houma-Terrebonne airport is home to the BP Gulf of Mexico Aviation Logistics Team, which keeps our 16 offshore facilities supplied with people and cargo 365 days a year. Every month 12,000 people travel through the Houma heliport on way to their jobs off the Louisiana’s shore.

Supporting the Economy

BP is the largest offshore investor in the Gulf and one of the largest contributors to Louisiana’s economy.

  • 7,600 Total Louisiana jobs supported
  • $700 million Total BP spending with Louisiana vendors last year
  • $10 billion Investment planned in the Gulf of Mexico over the next 5 years
Students at the Fletcher College in Houma, Louisiana Students at the Fletcher College in Houma, Louisiana

Supporting Louisiana Communities

To keep the industry strong and provide jobs for years to come, BP is making sure that better science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education is available at every level in Louisiana.  

We contribute directly to Parish School Boards, helping them expand science teaching, buy new computers, and build mobile labs. At the university level, we help provide students with intensive laboratory instruction and mentoring in science. We’ve given $4 million to Fletcher Technical Community College in Houma to build an Integrated Technologies Facility that’s preparing tomorrow’s offshore engineers for high-tech, high-paying careers.  

Creating Jobs

Across our 6 facilities in the Bayou State, BP produces energy for America and jobs for Louisianans. In Louisiana, we support more than 7,600 high-tech, high-paying jobs and we work with 600 vendors. We built our world-class Learning Center in Houma to help train and support offshore workers. We have 10 rigs operating in the Gulf of Mexico, and re-supplying those rigs creates jobs in Port Fourchon. Every time someone in the southeastern U.S. buys Castrol products, it bolsters jobs in Port Allen. 

Houma HOLC Training Program BP Houma Learning Center

Investing in Louisiana

Last year alone, we spent $700 million with hundreds of Louisiana companies. And we’re investing in Louisiana’s future as well. We’ve donated $6.5 million to Louisiana schools and colleges since 2010. And over the next 5 years, we plan to invest another $10 billion in our Gulf operations.

Gulf Coast Restoration

Four years ago, we made a commitment to help restore the Gulf’s environment and economy. Every day since, we’ve been working hard to keep it. In Louisiana to date, we’ve made more than $4 billion in payments, including individual and business claims, tourism promotion, and ongoing seafood safety testing. The results are encouraging. Based on NOAA data, commercial seafood landings in the Gulf in 2011 reached their highest levels since 2002. Last year, New Orleans had 9.3 million visitors, who spent a record $6.5 billion. And Louisiana set a statewide tourism record itself with more than 27 million visitors.